Woman’s Day 2017

We are Women.

We have stood by our men, our sons, brothers, husbands and fathers.
We have fought beside them in battle, have sewn them back together and nursed them back to life.
We have helped them succeed at their dreams, often giving up our own in the process.
We have encouraged them, guided them and built homes and communities for them.
We tended to the hearth, the raising of the children and the care the old and needy.
We handled the social situations as they arose, took on the emotional, cultural and societal work of managing family and community.
We have overwhelmingly been there for our men, we women of the world.
We have birthed them and we have buried them.

We have also lied to them.

We have shielded our men, protected them from hard feelings
and kept them unaware of our truth.
We have lied about how we feel and think.
We have kept our full opinions to ourselves.
We hid our intelligence and our courage.
We hid our passion and our strength as we hid our dreams and aspirations.
We moved unpleasant or uncomfortable conversations out of the room and saved the emotional stuff for when we were alone,
or if we were very lucky, with other women.
We let our men take reward and credit for our ideas and understandings.
We kept things safe for them and around them, so that their lives could flow smoothly.
We allowed them power and control over our lives,
lest they ever feel threatened by us,

we who have stood by them

for eons.