Where do we go from here?

I have been thinking about inclusiveness.
While fully recognizing we have a long way to go just being inclusive of other humans, I am looking at how so many in this dominant culture are not inclusive of any other realms. They do not even acknowledge any existence other than their own, or what they see as their own.

I witness these societies decaying into fascism, still using the old Draconian system of hate, propaganda & fear to maintain control. They see armageddon as the only way forward and are doing all they can to push us into it.
They hold ceremonies and rallies and chant about bringing this total destruction into being, for their glory, or their religious beliefs.
They make trillions of dollars selling arms, war machines, and the contracts to rebuild after their weapons destroy cities and villages; some thousands of years old! The industry of war keeps industries in quite a few nations thriving. Canadian pension plans have arms investments, and we supply Saudi Arabia with war machines used to invade and intimidate.
Most of you have war investment… if you have RSPs or other retirement savings plans and investment portfolios and are not careful. We are funding the Draconian war machine and the oil that fuels it.
There is no thought of responsibility to the future, no understanding of our place in time, our reason to be, no affiliation to anything other than greed and power. It is a society lost to all connections with anything other than money.
There are other societies where some have preserved relationships with the little people, ancestors, and star beings, relationships that hold roadmaps to our future. It is different than the armageddon plan. It is inclusive, creative, and life-affirming.
We all feel it in our hearts, it has no language other than love, but that is enough for many of us. We feel it and know its truth.
I believe the greatest threat to the planet, and this experiment of being human is the isolation we feel through a lack of connection to any other realms. This has caused such fear and hopelessness and allowed many humans to be lost.
The religious control that forbids personal connection with spirit and earth negatively affects those under its spell, keeping them from daring to ask for themselves, or even believe in themselves.
Many souls struggling to release from the sticky webs of lifetimes of indoctrination declare there is nothing other than what they believe they see, and all experiences they have not had are nonsense. It is an arrogant position for sure, but one I expect is in reaction to pushing away from dominant religions that have historically held millions entrapped.
I agree we must measure our imaginings against reality; we just need to be clear on what reality is, and how it comes to be.
Few of us are truly free to interact with creation in all it’s manifest and un-manifest glory, but those few are strong and determined to protect this earth and her dream for us all.
I have personally met wisdom keepers from many traditions that have never lost their connections and still see hope and a way forward.
I think of one of the more progressive nations on earth, Iceland, and how their little people (elves, fairies, gnomes, etcetera) are protected by law.

I believe those realms of fairy, yeti, little people, ancestors, star beings, devas, will not open to chaos, so we have to heal our relationships as humans first.
We can begin by fully recognizing what we have done, face the lies that have built our societies, and begin to rectify and heal our mistakes. Some of the buzz words for that process these days are ‘reconciliation, and decolonizing.
This is not easy work, but I, like many others, believe it is the only hope for humanity. Truth must come before reconciliation. It cannot come about any other way. We have to dismantle the lies we have told ourselves or have chosen to believe.
If we want to continue as a human race on this planet, we must heal what we have done to one and other and the earth. We must come to terms with ourselves and our histories.
The other realms will continue, but the human domain is in jeopardy, from ourselves.
We are sick, but we also are learning to be healthy. We are examining ourselves and making choices for our future.
It is an autoimmune disorder where parts of the human body have gone out of harmony and are attacking other parts of the body. While the cancer is left unchecked, it is sucking the resources and draining the human body of life and sustenance. This is what fascism is doing to the human race and the energy of the planet itself. We must become an awoken immune system, and stop the drain of resources, cut off the flow of support for dis-ease, and heal the body of this cancer.
We can heal this, we know how, but we have to be brave and willing to take action.
Many of our youth are moving forward, and the adults need to join them and fully support their efforts. Red reminded us in a talk he gave, “That’s always been the role of the elders, to help young ones establish themselves, and I think they’re feeling pretty abandoned right now.”
I think he was warning us what was unfolding. The youth have had enough. We all need to take over the planet for the sake of our youth.
It is their future that is at stake, their lives, as well as the lives of their descendants.
We need to join them in their marches, fund their events, serve in the soup lines, bring blankets, make signs, print out flyers, make cookies, show up, be there wherever they need us to be. And they need us.

We can also reconnect to the earth and our souls. Ask a tree, or a child, to help you do that. They are willing.