The Cancerous Spread of Hatred

Krow Fischer·Tuesday, 17 November 2015158 reads
Terrorism, and the terrorism of anti-terrorism, is spreading like a cancer. Hate spreads hate, fear spreads fear and anger spreads anger while inclusiveness, awareness and love can help to calm that frenzy down and begin the healing of our frightened and angry societies.
I have been contemplating macro and microcosmic realities and how they fit in the context of our social reality, knowing that there are some very serious problems in our world today that we must confront as one people. We must do this in unity and we may not have this opportunity again in the forseeable future.
Climate changes are effecting the poor and marginalized in dire ways; droughts, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and even earth quakes are killing thousands of people and compromising the futures of millions more. Some say many of today’s earthquakes are triggered by changing river flows through damming and diverting rivers, and fracking and drilling deep in the earth’s crust. Some say the shifting of that much weight and pressure can cause a ripple that can set off an earthquake. Some say it is because we are traveling through a different frequency of dark matter in our universe, but either way many people are experiencing the fallout.
The wealthier people who can afford to live in geographically safe areas, experience the discomfort of not having fresh strawberries available on demand year round. Of course all of us in between the ‘have too much and the have nothing’, experience the fears of our own future and what we are leaving for our grandchildren.
Many of our nations’ leaders are met in Paris in 2015 to discuss what we can do and we the people of the planet need to concern ourselves with the outcome. We need to engage in the discussions of public opinion and speak our minds and hearts. We need to change what we can in our own lives, our kitchens, bathrooms, modes of transportation, workplaces, holidays, wherever we can in our communities. We can shop wiser, live wiser and behave in better ways to ourselves and the earth. There is a lot we can do, we are not completely helpless.
We are also dealing with a massive hatred that is spreading around the world. This energy is reminding me of events in Somalia, Rwanda, Ukraine, Germany under Hitler, so many points of our collective histories, crusades, colonization, and ‘incorporations’, where we set one against the other and engaged in slaughter. We are once again in a time where hatred is fanned by dividing people into two camps and pitting them against each other. ‘You’re either for us, or against us.’ whomever ‘us’ is deemed to be. Good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, Christian and Muslim, Buddhist and Muslim, Tribe against Tribe, it is time to change our dualism thinking process!
We have this frenzied hatred going on right now with a small group of marginalized and desperate men who are willing to kill and be killed to prove their soul, to fight their fight and be seen on the world stage as heroes. Women who are willing to give themselves into the fight or give themselves to the men they see as heroes are single minded in their decision to be part of a cause. How many young people have killed themselves with suicide bombs, direct fire and bombings from the ‘enemies’, and how many more are waiting in line for their turn to die? In numbers they are many, but in percentage of people less than .0002 of the world Muslim population are even slightly aligned with ISIL. I expect those numbers are proportionate with the numbers of Christians who bomb abortion clinics, join the KKK or engage in homophobic terrorism. I expect with the current rise of fascist leaders these numbers will climb.
These young people have been assimilated into a way of hatred, outside of the flow of love to be sure. They repeat the slogans of hatred, recite the creeds of unity for ‘their side’ and create the divide within themselves that plays out on the world stage in life and death.
This energy field resonates with separation, adoration of an ideal, hatred of ‘other’ which is seen as a threat to the ideal’s existence and a recitation of hatred. There is no logic, no truth, no reasoning with such a stance as it is based upon suppositions, superstitions, lies and propaganda designed to pit one against the other. It requires ignorance; you can’t get to know, or love someone you are about to kill or ostracize. It requires obedience; you must say the same things as everyone else, and must not disagree or you are killed, ridiculed or ostracized.
This is the frequency field of terrorism.
Because my Facebook wall reflects the people I include as friends, I very rarely see racist, xenophobic or seriously ignorant posts and am not confronted by this attitude very often. I understand that many of my friends have relatives and workmates who hold different points of view and I hear that people in North America, Europe and Australia are posting terrible things about Muslim and Syrian people, as if THEY are responsible for the mass murders going on all over the world at the hands of ISIL.
Here in Peterborough some misguided individuals damaged our mosque. I say ‘our’ because I am part of the Peterborough community and although I do not attend services at any of the places of worship here, I think of these public places, like mosques, churches and temples, as options I have available. This energy is festering in our communities physically and in cyber space, virtually. I believe that most of us do not resonate with this and am interested in what our macrocosm can do about these few misguided individuals amidst the flow of love and hope.
We see this frenzy of hate in shouted slogans of “Send the refugees home”, the abuse of women wearing the hijab in Canada, the anger and rudeness posted on Facebook walls directed towards people who embrace the Islamic faith. The rise in anti Latino, anti Black and anti LGBTQ insults and violence is rising in the USA and Canada in it’s wake. It is no different than the frenzy of hate that opens fire in a cafe or place of worship, just a different degree.
How do we heal this cancer before it kills us? How do we confront it? How do we help our communities evolve?
I think step one is to recognize the frequency code. It will be about dividing, will be fear based and illogical. It will NOT feel loving which tells us it is NOT in harmony with the source code of our universe and it will have a bullying feel to it. It will feel threatening and abusive and will often use innuendo, false information, name calling and belittling to force a perception of conformity of those around it. Sound familiar?
These energies are terrorist energies, sending the same hate, causing the same reaction of ‘us against them’ that results in violence and disconnect with our true humanity, as do cancer cells. We must collectively help these energies to either heal back to love or at least cease to express the terror frequency.
The reason these energies remind me of some cancer cells is that only a few cells in an otherwise healthy body have devolved into these frenzy frequencies that have lost their place of alignment. These cells have corrupted into a destructive pattern that can take down a healthy body if left unchecked and ignored. These cells don’t care if they kill off the rest of the body, they want out of there anyway they can get out, and in death, they do get out.
They do not love the world, the earth, the society or the body and have no remorse at causing harm to any surrounding cells, or people. Posting angry, hateful words that cause harm or pain to another is only different in a matter of degrees to the beheading, kidnapping and humiliation, the bombing and the gunning down that is happening all over the world. If you are spreading fear and hatred, you are part of the same cancerous energy.
This energy can spread just like a cancer through a society if we ignore the signs, and while there are proponents of the nuclear approach, the poisoned gas approach and the cut them out approach, there is new hope in other ways of healing as well. While these cells are few, although they are aggressive and frightening, there are statistically very few who are willing to kill and be killed for their ideals, we can try other methods of healing before we have to resort to fire against fire.
What if we saw ourselves as healthy cells and took it upon ourselves to speak up and try to heal any other ‘cells’ who are exhibiting a similar frequency to terrorism?
What if we spoke up in support of love, of decency and of humanity and refused to tolerate ignorance and hatred?
What if we called it out and identified it so each cell (person) could check within for any codes (ways of thinking and behaving) corrupted by fear or social manipulation?
What if we held strong and did not let this energy take over our hearts, our minds or our community?
This is what we are really fighting after all, an ideological stance, a way of behaving, a way of expressing in the world. If we can believe that we are Children of Creation, created from love and at our best when in alignment with love, we can believe in humanity and hold hope for us all.
I think, if we look, we will see this same pattern of ‘us against them’, bullying, fear mongering, lies and deceptions, in many places including corporations, nations, religions, academia, businesses and even in medicine with Allopathic vs Naturopathic! This pattern of duality and good vs evil is NOT an earth pattern, but is human made and therefore can be taken apart and refitted with a pattern that creates wholesomeness instead of separation. Everywhere you come across this energy, do what you can to speak to it and welcome it back into love. Speak calmly and compassionately, and try to educate and awaken awareness. Use real facts from either personal experience of from sources you trust in your statements and try your best to be as inclusive as possible.
The more we realize that perspectives are ‘viewing points’ that circle in a three dimensional way around any idea or event and are not necessarily truths, the more we can accept each other for where we are at and can co-create a cohesiveness that circles the globe and reflects the diversity of this great planet we share. We are humanity. We are one. If we choose to separate and replicate hate, we will not have long here on this planet. If we choose love, we can heal and create a bright new future for those yet to come.