Knee Jerk

March 2016

Hello? Calling out to the stars? The heavens? Is there anyone out there tonight?

I am writing on a large atlas on my lap because I heard that the radiation from a computer can harm the delicate cells of our bodies. They call them laptops but they are apparently dangerous to hold on your lap. I am hoping this thick atlas, pages and pages of drawings of places on the planet, will protect my legs. It is ridiculous isn’t it? We have created such interesting technologies, but we know so little about looking after our biology.

There are a lot of things going on on the planet that don’t make sense, if you are expecting everyone to be grown ups.
If you don’t expect maturity and you think that most of us do not have a clue why we do whatever it is we do, then you can understand how things can get so very messed up. I suspect you know this, who or whatever you are.

I wanted there to be adults who would be responsible out there in the world at large.

Maybe I wanted a God, or at least a Government to take care of everything so I would not have to deal with this mess we made. Wouldn’t it be mice if we could just go about enjoying life?

I want you, imagined beings of the stars, to be a superior race of beings who could come here and fix our atmosphere and water; show us how to clean up radiation and oil spills and manage our generations long feuds.

I want you to come and help humans evolve and stop destroying everything.
I know you won’t, but I can’t help it.

Knee jerk reaction.

Do you know what that is? It is an involuntary response, something few of us have any control over. If you hit a spot on your knee, your leg jerks forward, unless you have some nerve damage of course.

Most of our human body runs on these kinds of involuntary responses. We don’t even think of what goes on to keep us here; we are not very conscious of how our body is operating and we have very little control over most of our bodily functions. It lives and dies, breathes and pees, fights off invading infections and harbors nasty cancer cells without us being the least bit aware of what is going on.

Our societies seem run like that as well. You must just shake your heads at us, assuming you have heads.

As far as I can tell, most societies here are run on the dysfunctional imprints unconsciously passed down through generations. We pick up wherever the last generation left off and continue on accordingly. Sometimes there is a momentary flare up of rebellion, but usually things go right back to the same patterns pretty quickly, if the pattern has been in place enough generations. The same wars continue generation after generation with the same grievances.
People here know this, they will tell you, ‘History repeats itself’, and ‘The apple does not fall far from the tree’. This knowledge is peppered through our languages, but nobody seems to actually understand this.
It is another one of those things that just does not make sense. We know we keep repeating the same mistakes but we don’t do much to change that, collectively anyway.
It seems like we cannot manage this change ourselves, but we do not want anyone telling us what to do. Tyranny has been and still is a huge issue in humanity.

Once I started noticing how much of what we do is ‘knee jerk’ involuntary, I decided I was going to start unhooking my automatic responses, retrain my reflexes to respond differently. You have no idea how easy it is to retrain ourselves, almost scary how easy it really is once you start working on it.

There are monks here on the planet who can  change heart rates and blood pressure, and can raise and lower their temperature, through intention. We have whole sections of society that get looked after by their communities so that they can spend time practicing stuff like that. Shamans, healers, mystics, gurus, monks and nuns, many can spend a lifetime learning this stuff, lifetimes some will tell you. This always requires someone else to grow the food, fetch the water and looks after them financially.
Not everyone gets to spend their life learning to be a master, but some hospitals are using these techniques, some have learned to help heart and lung patients, people with health issues, pain management. I suppose it does go to good use, all that learning.

I am not a ‘kept’ person, I don’t have as much time on my hands as those guys do, so I have to start small, noticing the social conditioning I have, and changing it.
There are a lot of ‘knee jerks’ to pay attention to. I’ll keep you posted if you are interested. You may want to know these things in case any of you are planning to incarnate here. We are in a bit of a crisis right now though, we humans… I would wait to see how this all turns out right now if I were you.