A Close Encounter.

IMG_0528I was in a discussion last night when it felt like I was suddenly split into two places.
One was my own living room sitting beside the fire talking to my life mate. In the other I was talking to 5 beings who looked like something out of Star Trek.

They presented as tall slender humaniodish beings, I could not tell their gender. They had long foreheads and flat blueish white faces, dark slanted eyes, no whites in the eye, thin noses, some longer than others, and wide mouths; faces in a similar formation as humans. They were wearing maroon robes and three were kind of lounging on high backed chairs made out of a soft, yet metallic material I did not recognize.
They had long slender legs and thick slippered (?) feet stretched out in a relaxed way, long arms bent at elbows (like us),  one had it’s head resting on the palm of a long, long fingered hand. Each finger seemed to have a fourth section, unlike the three we have as humans.  Two of the beings were standing behind the three sitting and I had a sense of a library behind them.
Some of the objects on the shelves looked like earth books, but some were like contained vials of a bluish mist that shifted colours. The two standing were moving things on the shelves.
I had the sense of them being maybe 8-9 feet tall and thoughtful, very much at ease and straight forward. Reminded me of some self identified ‘Asperger’ people I have met in a way. I got the impression that some of the human DNA patterns we carry come from their race.

You know how these dream like events happen, those of you who experience them; like a flash, but so much information is in the flash, it takes a while to ‘download’ it all into comprehension.
I am still unpacking it, which is what this blog affords me.

I started this blog ‘Letters from Earth’ because I wanted an exchange with ideas not influenced by what I perceive of as massive brainwashing on earth. I wanted access to fresh concepts and understandings not warped by ancestral trauma and fear imprinting. I suppose this is how it is evolving.

The conversation I was in was about children and dysfunctional parents.

My man is a children’s advocate and we had recently watched, (and I had recently read) ‘The Glass Castle’ , an autobiography by Jeannette Walls. It is a story about a woman raised by her obviously bipolar, alcoholic father who had serious scarring from his childhood and a distracted, self absorbed mother with narcissistic personality disorders of her own. It reminded me of my own childhood in many ways, a childhood that took me twenty years of intense work to recover from, and of course, reminded him of so much he deals with in his job!

We were talking about how so many people we know are stuck at 9 or 10 years old, or stuck in their teens, never growing up no matter how many years they live. How many people are so shallow and undeveloped they cannot see beyond their own problems.
‘And they have kids and have no idea how to parent, so the kids have to become parents, or be destroyed.’

We acknowledged that we live in a society that does not support families, a society that isolates households and does not acknowledge the unpaid work of raising the next generation. Kids are raised in institutional settings of daycare and school, public shaming and violence, sugar and plastic toys are used to coerce acceptable behaviour. Diet is atrocious and positive role models are cartoon characters.

Parents are not equipped to deal with their own exhaustion and unresolved issues, are uneducated in human evolution and development and are barely keeping their own consciousness above water. How are they expected to guide the next generation into awareness when they have not even begun to think of that for themselves?

It was feeling like a never ending downward spiral of dysfunction passed on to each generation with further deterioration of the healthy human imprint. We weren’t even sure what a healthy human would look like anymore, so imprinted with misinformation, false histories and trauma as we collectively are.

Should we be taking the kids away from these dysfunctional families, give them a chance elsewhere and who decides?
Whose mores do we follow as ‘standard’?
We have agencies in many countries meant to protect children, but there are so many problems with these systems it is hard to get it right. There is a history of taking children from good families with problems and landing them in horrific circumstances where they are abused in worse ways. Attitudes of one culture imposed on other cultures with the threat of losing your children if opposed, has a long history in many parts of humanity.
How do we deal with this complex problem before we raise yet another generation of dysfunctional, depressed humans?

That is when the split happened and I was both places at once.

One of the seated beings was the first to get my attention.  ‘Where we come from we do not allow anyone to create children without incarnating into our society at least 90 times.’

Well that’s a good idea I thought. I can think of many people who should not have been parents, including my own!

Then the seated one to the left added,
‘Of course we had those who revolted against this decree. They believed it should be determined on a case by case basis and were afraid of someone getting on the committee who would take control of which genetics would be carried forward in our race. Some believed we could be creating a caste system of rights and privilege if we allowed this decree and some felt the newer ones had things to offer our societies that would be lost. Not everyone was on board with this agenda, but we adopted it as the elders of the planet unanimously agreed, and their votes counted for more.’

All of this was a millisecond in my living room time, and with their words came whole movies of their planet and history and even personal flashes of the two who were talking. I got a historical impression of them very young, and wondered if they lived thousands of years, or had sequential incarnations, and in the past were part the voting process on this decree.

I got the impression the one on the left had voted against it but had come to see the wisdom of it in time, or had just accepted that the prevailing wisdom decreed it and was willing to give it a try.

There was so much information in that exchange and as I shared what I was seeing with my mate, he asked questions. I always forget to ask questions when these spontaneous events happen.
‘Where are you from’ was barely thought formed in my head when one of the standing ones turned towards me and said,’ Andromeda. We’ve been working with humans since the beginning of your evolution, and you need our support now.’

My first reaction was an understanding that they had a lot more experience and wisdom than we had, and this idea has merit!

In my living room world we talked about how we would implement a system on earth where you had to be mature enough to qualify for being a parent. Would there be a test you had to take? And how would you enforce such a decree?

It wasn’t long before we saw the drawbacks to such an idea. My partner spoke about the amazing people who had been raised in horrible circumstances and how they evolved who they are because of those very harsh circumstances. How free will and choice that we value so much on our planet would be over ridden by such a decree, and how it felt like just more rules and regulations eroding the wildness and randomness earth offers, was contemplated.

I realized the second being had relayed all of these thoughts and arguments to me already and I had the feeling that these kinds of discussions must have gone on in their world thousands of years ago. I had the sense that they chose to follow the logic, yet I had a gut feeling this was not right for us here. We had a different evolutionary path than they did, and something did not feel quite right about that path to us.

I had the sense that they knew that too and were waiting to see what humanity would choose to do about the crisis our kids were in. I suddenly knew they were not the only ones, (kinds?) hovering around waiting to see what we as a human race were going to choose at this important evolutionary opportunity. It felt like a conference call where there were others waiting on the line.
Some I felt I could open to seeing and some I was either too scared or not ready to open to. One lumpy grey blue slug looking ‘creature vision’, I turned away from and put my hand up, ’No, sorry. I don’t feel safe opening to you yet’. I don’t know if it was my own prejudice, fear or if there was something not right there, but I am learning to let my instincts have their say. I felt I relayed all this to that being and it was accepted and understood.

Of course, like dreams, the more I look into the flash picture, the more I unpack from it.

For instance, when I was getting all the history information along with the dialogue I realized that is what the cigar shaped vial-like containers on the shelf were, information with historical background included… like a replica of a quantum field on various topics of thought. Fascinating technology that made me realize that concept and thought were what was important to these ones, cerebral beings with a highly developed intellect.
So many in our North American society hold intellect as the most important evolution and I wondered if that was from their influence.
My partner wondered, ‘Are we an experiment? Are we just lab rats to these observers?’

I saw two of them shake their heads like we would signal ’no’.
‘Not like that, yes we are observing, but remember you are also us. We are all expressions of this universe and all of you incarnate there on earth are the ones experimenting with earth life, not us. You are deciding how human evolution will develop and what patterns you accept or reject. We are here to offer our experience. You are all from the stars as are we. We were part of the initial DNA download that began the development of an earth creature that could sustain soul incarnation. So yes we are your ancestors as are many others who also downloaded DNA sequences. On earth, you represent many star nations, each with their own experiences and knowledge to add to the developing societies on earth. Where we come from we have all evolved from the same stock, unlike earth where you have more variety in physical expression. You have a diverse planet, and diversity is earth’s strength.

I thought about what we had learned through Council teachings about how the Draconian influence had imprinted on societal DNA, turning off our ‘remembering’ and our ability to connect to our own souls, basically turning earth into a slave ship in service to a few family systems. I thought of how this energy seeks conformity, paving over the fecundity of earth, assimilating and destroying diversity in it’s destruction.

The one holding the blue vial nodded, earth custom like. ‘Yes, that is what happened and you are all waking up from that hallucination. Those ones have left this universe as it can no longer support them, just as earth can no longer support their offspring.’

I had the sense that many different types of beings were around earth offering influence from their worlds, kind of like creating quantum fields of knowledge and experience humanity could draw from as we redesign our world from the Draconian influence. I felt only a few of them were listening in on this ‘conference call’. I hoped they were right that that influence is dissipating here.  I still see that Draconian influence displayed in the form of patriarchy and colonialism, corporate empires, dictatorships and economic slavery and would love to see that gone in this lifetime.

It felt like an offering was being made from each one of these ’stations’, but it also felt like being at a market where each vendor wants your attention to sell you their ideas!

Later I was so curious about the beings I ‘saw’ that  I wondered if other humans  knew them. I googled Andromeda and found ‘Andromeda, The Seed of Thought’ by Noel Huntley, and knew this was a real vision and that he had met them too.

Here is an excerpt I read there..

“The necessary thought element was thus acquired through codes for human development; hence the human was, in a manner of speaking, mentally hybridized with the Andromedans.

Nevertheless the nature of the human was such that the mental powers did not dominate. And even today the body determines thought to a large degree; the mind is not in charge, as opposed to the Andromedans, whose mental powers are in charge. This was as it should be since the purpose for the human race was to create heart decisions, and the mind is not to be involved as the sole factor in assimilation of knowledge.
This heart/feeling ability would then create a direct link between the spiritual self and the (universe) Creator itself. All knowledge could be acquired through the emotional self.
The individual mind would not be emphasized, though the Creator mind would be present. This relates to the purpose of the Creator to have the human race collectively take over – see chapter on creators and universal entities.

Andromeda scientists continue to study the ecology of planet Earth, collecting data for evaluation and analysis. Human contacts have been made in which advice is given regarding the negative factors that man is introducing into his environment and the full dangers and consequences of this.
They are able to predict the probabilities based on present conditions, then extrapolate the energies into the future.”

This information was so similar to what I was ‘seeing’ I knew the author must have had some connection to them.

Next I looked for images and many of the ones that came up looked enough like who I ‘saw’ that I felt I could trust my observations and gut feelings about this experience.

Reading the excerpt I realized that although there is a lot wrong with how our societies are, we are on the right track in learning to trust our hearts. I could clearly see how the Draconian influence has been dissuading us from trusting our own heart, confusing us with lies, terrorizing us with control until we have handed our free will over to that system.

I see it all over the earth plane and I see the brutality and genocide enacted on those who will not conform and be assimilated.

I am imagining all of us humans, opening to the support and CHOICES offered us, accepting the help to deprogram ourselves and return to the heart centred beings earth has been directing us towards. I believe this is the time humanity is deciding which ones of us wish to become earthlings and learn to work with these amazing bodies and creative earth energies, manifesting new societies that are truly of the earth, and which ones of us are done here, disappointed and just wanting to be free to go home.

I do believe the era of this Draconian control is over, and the last 1% of humanity choosing to hold these lines are leaving. This is their last stab at gaining full control over earth, holding it’s resources for them and their descendants alone. This is why they are so desperate right now to politically institute this control, they know we are waking up and can see them now. I understood the clamp-down of control of humanity we are witnessing these days. The last hurrah… I hope they are right!

The fact that 1% of the earth population control the resources and human populations is a habitual pattern we all feed into and support. A horrific societal blueprint left over from a long dead star system that we have all handed our free will over to. We can change that. We have choice.

We the people of earth have to collectively decide how we are going to develop from here on forward. We have the collective wisdom and histories of thousands of civilizations right here on earth to learn from, and millions more amoung the stars.

If we can return to our hearts and trust the creative earth process with the barometer of love in our hearts, we can thrive here and evolve the dream earth holds for us all.  It is us who decide our futures by the actions we take as a human race of individual and collective expressions.

Being Human in a Less Humane World

IMG_0430Letters from Earth

It’s really, really hard to be human, much harder than we give ourselves credit for. It is particularly hard to be alive on earth today.

I thought we were suppose to be evolving, that is the mind set I had about life here on the planet. Yet billions of people struggle with fear, shame, poverty, violence and hopelessness. It doesn’t matter how many lives you’ve lived or where and when you’ve lived them; you will suffer some random event that will cause you pain at least once in a lifetime. For many alive today, pain is their most common experience.

There aren’t that many happy stories here on the planet right now. There are more people homeless and hungry, living in fear, poverty and misery than ever before.

More are killed by wars and violence than at any other time in human history, we are murdering millions this year alone with our dynamic new war machines, killing devices run by trigger happy ‘gamers’ trained since childhood to find the enemy in every ‘other’. It is really scary to hear people talking about ‘bombing the crap out of them’ bombing them into extinction’ when talking about other humans. The sport of hunting animals to extinction that has gone on in many cultures is also seen in war against humans. Violence against children, elders and vulnerable women and men is epidemic in many cultures around the world.

We have more slaves now than ever before; economic, political and religious slavery not withstanding. Mining, fishing, lumber and agriculture industries use slavery including child slavery and the slavery of domestic workers is what keeps the world economy thriving. The sex industry regularly buys and sells it’s boys and girls at market prices, and you can buy or rent a human of any age in pretty much any country.

We throw out truckloads of food while desperate people starve to death on prime time TV. We have more than enough food, and we know how to feed ourselves, but we don’t. We rely on corporations to feed us, gluttonously, in some parts of the world, and “barely get by on what we can scrounge” in other places.

We have more droughts and floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, tidal waves and earth quakes of greater and greater magnitude. We continue blowing holes in the earth’s crust despite these side effects, to get more oil, just to add more carbon to the atmosphere. We are hell bent on destroy it all, taking it with us when we go it seems. ‘If we can’t have it no one will’ is a popular earth phrase in many languages and I see this attitude in many a corporate action.

Some religions say ‘it is meant to be this way’ because someone prophesied it at some time in history, or someone said they did.

Some say that is because we are suppose to know sadness to know joy, hate to know love, pain to know pleasure as if our nervous systems are designed to function through extremes. Give candy when good, cause pain when bad, spare the rod, spoil the child, we truly believe we learn best through fear and pain despite any and all research that proves otherwise. Personal parenting experience for thousands of generations of knowing that love and kindness is the best teacher, is ignored in this kind of logic.

Some say we are here to learn of the suffering and require it to evolve! We must survive and learn the lessons to pass on to the next level they say; like some kind of school with a sadistic head master or a cosmic video game designed by a group of discarnate nerds in the sky. As if we are trapped in a virtual program meant to fast forward our spiritual growth and development, guided by some techno team setting the software for earth’s evolution. People believe some strange things on earth today. You would be shocked, I am sure, at the ridiculous assertions we hear from our Gurus and religious leaders. Some say a band of angels are really in control here, but they can’t interfere with or personal lessons.

Some believe that good people get rewarded and bad people get punished and if bad things are happening, you must have in some incarnation been bad. You deserve it, the pain, the betrayal, the violence, the illness, all brought on by something bad or wrong you did at some point.

Some say Earth is ruled by a species of lizard who don human form to fool us. They spray the air with neuro-toxins to keep the real humans stupid while they gobble up all our resources. They own all the land and control all the money and keep it all in their elite families they say. They say the Queen of England is one of them and all her decedents.
I would think the ravens of the tower would know if she was human or not.

You would not believe the things people believe here. I am guessing maybe we are trying to justify, to make sense of the senseless horror too many here suffer.

I am not sure how it all works, but most of the theories seem rather silly to me.

I used to think if people knew what was going on in our world, if they had access to knowledge, to teachers and philosophers and could educate themselves they would make different choices. I thought if people knew about each other they would help each other. If you knew your neighbour was in trouble you would help, wouldn’t you?

I think a lot of us thought if we could make information and communication accessible to more people, we would become enlightened and would make a better world together. So many dedicated their lives and still work tirelessly to make education available to all people because we believe education and knowledge is the power that could free us from the cycles of pain here.

More information IS available for most people; you can ‘google’ anything you are curious about and just as many more lies and distractions will be dredged up with the goods. We wrote the whole internet after all. It is a place filled with all our knowledge and our fantasies and falsehoods too.

Our school systems teach what each society wants it’s children to learn and we have societies where children grow up not knowing anything about anyone other than who they can see in their own world. Many are taught lies or skewed views of history and are not allowed to access world information. Education has become a tool in the hands of tyrants in many places.

More accessible communication is also matched by more mass misinformation, innuendo and threatening comments trolling every truth teller. ‘Be careful whom you talk to, and who you listen to’ is a brutal truth in many lands. You can be killed for knowing too much, and there are companies who are hired to put out distractions and to feed lies into the information system to distract people from ugly truths some companies and governments don’t want us looking too closely at.

No one has been saved despite education, religion and all the gathered wisdom we have on this planet.

I think that most religions and beliefs are just bull shit, a way we have of dealing with what we experience, trying to rationalize it by appointing some higher power cause and effect over our lives. I believe we have made up stories we tell ourselves for why there is so much pain involved in being human. I think we create what we believe, over and over and over again.

We believe in good and evil and desperately try to align with one side, whichever one is offering the best deal of the time. Inquisition, KKK, Boko Hiram, ISIS, Nazi, They all believe that ‘God’ is on their side, and will die for that god and the promises made for after death.

Our brains have organized themselves in many societies, to ‘mark’ experiences as either positive or negative, pain or pleasure. we believe this is how brains operate, but I wonder if this is just how we have trained them to be. After all, all studies have been done on people from similar upbringings, so how would we know what our brains are capable of as far as sorting experiences? I expect duality thinking is trained, not natural.

We all think violence is inherent in humanity and that we need war or we would be over populated here. We tend to believe the worst in each other, that at our core we are violent and greedy beings. We have a lot of self hatred issues, we humans.
We do not believe in the human race, we believe that humanity is at root greedy and vengeful, rapists and murderers looking for personal power and pleasure, and we choose literature and movies and television shows that depicts this belief for our children to be raised on. How many generations of North American kids had to read Lord of the Flies, or Catcher in the Rye, The Day No Pigs Would Die, strange mythologies to teach our children about life!

Although many of us truly despise what we see acted out all around us, flashing across CNN and paraded on the streets of every nation, the violence, callousness and corruption is such an intricate part of our lives we believe it is normal. We continue to make movies and televisions shows glorifying war and violence, colonialism and sexism, all accepting this way of being as true human values.

I think many people are so ashamed to be human, that we hate ourselves and everyone else. Self hatred is so bad it turns in on us and we become all that we hated in others, we became the hate. The colonized become the colonizers, those treated with violence become violent, the repressed become the oppressors, all of us acting out our coping strategies for survival.

This is so true for many, but not all. Every now and then pockets of people rise above this status quo and act in decent and rational ways. We see them as heroes and share their wise words with each other. We also fear for their lives as many are murdered.

I watch people when I am in towns and cities. I wonder if you watch us from out there?

People stumbling along, many very overweight, legs jutting woodenly, heads jerking forward; the effort of pushing and pulling their body along wearing them down. There is no bounce in their step, no lightness of being, life is a struggle, a painful struggle.

I see faces lined with worry, mouths talking into hidden microphones, buds in the ear, distracting, engaging with something that feels more real than what the moment has to offer.
Eyes riveted to the screen, streams of bodies wrapped in winter garments waft by on the periphery, dodging each others’ mortal existence.

Juxtaposed on the giant screen street-side in every big city are waves of Syrian, Afghan, Sudanese and Iraqi people fleeing rubble filled lands on ABC and CBC ‘Please let us in’ pleading the airwaves as infants die in the cold waters of apathy.

What have we become?

‘I just want a normal life’ I hear people say. ‘Have a home, have kids, have a job, grow old’.

What does that even mean? Is there any sane reason why only some people have access to everything while others have nothing?
Why am I still seeking reason within insanity?

How many people walk around in this apathetic sleep state? Most of us here it seems, yet I can’t fault everyone, it is too much to bear for most of us.

We want it to go away, all the pain, all the wars, all the misery. We want it to be nice here, friendly and good for all. We do not want to really see the world we have made. It is too hard to look at it and too overwhelming to feel.
We shut down our empathy, shut down our telepathy and harden ourselves to the brutality of most people’s lives.
It’s their fault they suffer. It must be, we tell ourselves smugly to keep from feeling.

They are dying out there. Overflowing hospitals filled with the sick, our new environment killing us. Children are born sick and diseased everywhere we live within polluted lands, water and air and food. Millions of people flee war, terrorism, drought and pestilence, risking their last bits of life for the hope of something better somewhere else.

Raving tyrannical politicians promise a hero’s way out, for the chosen ones, obliteration for the enemies, prime time.
We are afraid, we humans.
We are afraid of the future we are making.

Meanwhile, I am here in the forest, sipping tea, writing stories, keeping the winter fire going, watching the final blossom fall off a white orchid, waiting for spring.

We are alive. Maybe that is enough.