So it seems I’ve taken over the ship.

October 2019

IMG_0176        I had a dream.

One of those intense dreams that you know you need to pay attention to.

I was on a space ship, like in the Star Trek series, with hundreds of thousands of people on board.

I am looking at the captain’s area where the leaders all have their designated seats.

I can’t see their faces, but they seem to be all male gendered and are dressed in matching grey sweats and hoodies with emblems on them. They sit slouched and look bored.

One is snapping his fingers, arm semi raised, expecting someone, possibly myself, to jump to attention and serve him.

I walk in and berate them for being so useless and then I fire them by informing them that I am, as of now, taking over the ship. I tell them to F OFF from the seats and find something they can manage to do without messing up. ‘You are done here.” I tell them.

The other people are shocked and one young guy nervously turns to me mid task and says “We can do that? We can just take over?”

“Why not?” I reply. “It’s our ship as much as theirs, more so ours because we do all the work to keep it running.”

“Wow. I never thought of that.”

I see a kind of wonder or joy cross his face and there is a general air of excitement and a hum of voices as they all realize what has just happened.

A group come over to me standing there amoung the now vacant driver seats and hesitantly ask about security. They tell me their concerns about other ships that the x-leaders may call in to take back the ship and should we load missiles to be ready.

I tell them that I may have taken over the ship but that I will not be in control of it. We all will and we will need to learn to make decisions together. ‘But what if” I add, “What if we just tell the people on the other ships what we have done on ours and they can take over theirs too. We all know they are in the same mess we are in here.”

There is laughter in response, the good kind…”Of course! No one wants to put up with this shit anymore.”

I hear chatter as the group walks away. “My cousin is first officer on the (garbled name of a ship). She would be so into doing this.”

“Ya I know some dudes that would totally be behind non hostile takeover on their gig.”

There is also talk of how to dismantle the weapons systems, strategies for doing it together with all the ships ‘on board’. Ideas of how to make the war components work as energy systems instead. They’ve got this.

Another guy comes up to me, all fellow-conspirator like. He tells me, (and I see the images as he speaks), about a chest that he says is buried outside of my yurt in non dream time. He shows me it is filled with all kinds of colourful boots. Elaborate boots, some with full on curled up toes like elf or gnome boots, fill the chest and he wants to distribute these boots so people will know who’s who or something. Some kind of elaborate hilarious uniform thing.

I have no idea what this is about but I tell him “I took over the ship but I am not the boss”, so if he feels he needs to do this then go for it! “Consensus leadership from now on OK?” I remind him.

It is clear to me I don’t want the responsibility of making decisions for others and feel the need to make this known from the get go. Everyone has to be responsible for their own contribution here and I need to trust that we each can find where we fit in running this ship together.

Bees can do that, switching jobs when they get bored, moving in and out of tasks… we can borrow that system of job share without needing a queen bee. I had understood that the queen really just holds the patterns of organization that the other bees work within. More like an offering and re making of herself with all that royal jelly to be a kind of telepathic relay system that supports all the bees in the hive. In our case, ‘Earth-ship’ holds those patterns directly for us. She is queen bee. We don’t need a human one.

It is also clear to me that what I am really saying to the guy is… “Go ahead. If this is important to you and others, Go ahead! Fill your boots!

Next I seem to be walking through the ship, poking into all the ‘restricted’ places.

One door I open leads to a room filled with screens. I see hundreds of faces staring into the screens. There are markers on the eyes and around the eyes, the mouth lines, around the nose and temples. I realize these are people reading something on their personal computers, pads and phones. I realize it is a memo sent out from the old bosses and the markers are registering the emotional responses to what they are reading. I understand that this info is being processed and filed for all personnel on board and I am pissed!

I want to start pulling wires but decide I should ask people in the tech department to come in here and get rid of this system on board. Take it apart and flush the invasive personal info from the system.

Somehow folks are now swarming through the room in outrage, yet looking at how they could make the system in place work for the people. Better, clearer communication between people, or easier lines of communication.. it is a sophisticated system and they don’t want to waste it. Clear agreement is made to destroy all the illicit information stored on each person. There is agreement to purge the system and they all get busy doing just that, while sending out info to the other ships to look for these systems installed on their ships.

I don’t remember much more, just a feeling of everyone’s sense of excitement and a buzz of activity as everyone gets to work repairing the mess and putting the plans so many have been thinking about in place in each area of the ship.

Some people want to come to me with their ideas possibly for permission or approval, and I instead organize rooms they can meet in with others interested in or affected by the plans they want to implement.

Meeting rooms are assigned, topics and times for meet up are posted on everyone’s devices so people can show up if they feel they want to be part of that work team.

There is real excitement in the air and a sense of other ships gathering around us. There is a sharing between ships of how we all are doing, what ideas are working and a camaraderie that we had not experienced before, but were obviously hungry for!

It is, we realize, just an old, worn out, oppressive system reaching it’s inevitable end and we all know this. Even many of those who had been in leadership positions know this is inevitable. Overall, it is a sense of relief. but a few are like F YOU! We’ll take control again! Sulking in their cabins over a few scotch.

Some are like, “Good. Can I just go home now please”, like they had been putting in time until retirement and are glad to be gone. They are given shuttles to leave and go back to wherever they came from. In fact anyone too tired or uninterested in continuing on here are given transport back to where they really want to be.

Some are genuinely interested in being part of a new way and ask for help in retraining themselves to think differently. Entire teams of socially interested ‘therapists’ have been setting up ‘deprograming workshops’ and people are signing up from all over the ship.

An image of old cobwebs, as thick as halloween ghost fabric is blowing away in playful winds, or being swept off with enormous brooms. These images run like a backdrop in the dream-scape until we can clearly see the patterns that have been there underneath, all along.

They are like vibrant red, orange and yellow underground root systems, bright white and purple light mycelium nervous systems and veins of gold, quartz of every colour and other minerals that are woven purposefully throughout the planet… which is also all the ships I have realized partway through the dream. Even where trees have been clear cut and the earth cut open, drilled and mined, there is still vibrant life running through the veins and we can see this clearly as the old fabric is cleared away. It’s not as bad as we all thought and in fact seems to be re-energizing with our excitement, which just adds to the hope that is billowing up in our part of the universe.

Our biggest challenge is that we do not trust each other.

There is a fear that a small contingent will try to take over again. A deeply embedded belief that humans are at base evil and that it will soon revert to the old way. An engineered imprint that we cannot trust ourselves or each other is obvious and pervasive.

I realize the biggest obstacle we will face is our imprints of self hatred that have been deeply imbedded through religion, political systems and the experience of many generations, depending on our lineages. I have to trust that the codes and patterns the earth holds will be strong and vibrant enough once we start connecting to them instead of the cobweb fibres, strong enough to hold us in a steady flow of life. I have to trust my fellow humans to reconnect to real life and agree to start working together as a diverse team. I have to trust the earth. She knows what we need to do to be a healthy system of humans on this planet, after all, she has been dealing with us since we first started incarnating here.

Clear the cobwebs of illusion. Reconnect to the real earth.

We have taken over the ship of humanity and now we need to learn how to sustain it and care for it.

Busy time ahead for all of us who want to stay on board.