Reasoning with Insanity

There is no point in trying to reason with insanity.
I have no other word to use that you would understand, so what I mean to say now is, this is no slight on my friends who struggle with mental health issues of the psychotic kinds, none at all. I have seen you struggle with your hell and I also believe in your brilliance and your art. No, I am meaning this word to be used in another way.
I mean insanity like being so out of touch with ones humanity that one is no longer in control of their thinking process and only has 3 or 4 settings on their emotional scales.

I mean the smirk faced idiots who have no concept whatsoever of compassion or caring, so out of touch they believe everything is about winning or losing or profit.
They do not believe anything matters and they can trust no one in their lives, least of all themselves. They believe they are entitled to power, are convinced others should serve them and they believe they have the right to criticize and belittle those who do serve them.
They firmly believe they are smarter and trickier than everyone else around them and the funny thing is, those people let them think that!
They are notorious for the inability to listen or really hear anyone but themselves and all nuance is lost on them.
They are the head blind, the unaware, so why do they have so much power in our world?

In our Council teachings we learned to understand the way the patterns of this earth work and this is a big one to understand. If you truly believe something and you get enough people to truly believe something, it begins to take on a life on of its own. From there it eventually becomes a physical reality.
Think about it!
Every city, sculpture, civilization begins with someone thinking about it and believing in it. They get others to believe in it and it gets built.That is how it works on physical worlds.

Here, we all believe certain people are entitled to and deserving of wealth and power and we give it to them. We do!
We agree to this and we fund it, buying stocks, buying stuff we don’t need, using credit cards, voting for people we don’t like, it’s visible.
Insanity (in the way I am using that word) has a way of sucking people into it, and we have been sucked in to some insane people’s version of reality.
We need to stop doing this.
Wake up. Stop handing our power over.
Stop trying to reason or educate or change people that are insane with this.
Just say no.
Stop feeding the zombies.

Just be a decent human being, exaggerate that decency and make the dominant patterns of behaviour on this planet ones of kindness and wisdom. Change the status quo.
Be compassionate and respectful, but firm in your ideals and morality and do not put up with any shit from anyone.
Trust your intuition and be grateful that you still have it! Many have lost theirs as this insanity has spread.

Wetico is the name I have for the disease that causes this type insanity.
It cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with.
It must be healed and I think the only way it can be is with full immersion in a decent society made up of wise and emotionally mature individuates.
It is time to step up to the plate and grow up for those who have enough wherewithal to do so. It is humanities only hope.