Oh Alabama, The devil fools with the best laid plan.

lantern1The statistics of the Alabama election of ‘who voted for who’ is very telling and bears some discussion if we are going to heal the evils of our infantile civilizations here in the ‘west’.
It appears that the divisions instilled in us all by the colonial, patriarchal mindset are in the spotlight of our collective psyche, and those who have been, and in many cases still are in denial of these issues are appearing vulnerable and destabilized.

Their backlash, their scramble to align with illusionary reality projections are shocking to those who have been awake to the ills of North American societies.
We are dumbfounded that a man with a track record like Mr. Moore would possibly even consider running for public office.
We are shocked that he believed it did not matter his racist, fundamentalist fringe Christian attitudes, misogynist remarks, and numerous allegations of pedophilia and rape, that he believed he would be acceptable to the Alabama people.
I am surprised at how shocked we are considering who was elected into the top position of power, the golden calf moneylender and grand master of illusion himself Mr. Trump, with the evil lord Bannon right there beside them both.

It was a sigh of relief to much of white society when Alabama did not elect a white supremacist misogynist, because it gave us hope that we are not as bad as we seem!
But have a look at the statistics. (yes in USA they take note of your race when you vote!)
72% of the white male voters thought that this was OK, Moore was their man.
63% of white women also thought it was OK to vote for him, and did.
2% of black women thought he was their man
and 7% of Black men thought he was good to go.

Education played a factor, the less education one had the more likely they voted for Moore, and the younger generation turned out not in favour of such a man.
What these statistics tell me is that the general older white generation is still holding the Draconian principals as their own, holding tight to the colonial, misogynist and racist attitudes that are killing our planet.

This is the demographic that has to heal.
Interestingly I believe we have collectively thought that the First Nations and People Of Colour who have suffered such a brutal history at the hands of the white community were the ones that needed healing, they after all are the peoples still reeling from the continued waves of annihilation they and their ancestors have been subjected to at the hands of white people.
But I have noticed that although for sure there is incredible healing needed in these segregated communities, it is the white communities that really need to heal.
It is within these communities you find the belief systems of having ‘dominion over the earth’, that the natural order of things is a hierarchy, and that order is white men on top with a distinct colour and gender coded social system in place with firmly held boundaries. The corruption of Christianity, the homophobia and the outright misogyny, especially towards non white women has a sickly oder about it.

It is a very disturbing and false reality that is been held by the mainstream white mentality, an idea of ourselves as helpful saviours bringing our superior ways and religions to the dark masses, an erroneous attitude of white supremacy that does not recognize the patterns put in place by the English, Spanish, French and Portuguese invaders that came here to North America.
The multiple acts of genocide committed that destroyed ancient civilizations and killed millions of people, stealing the land and resources and setting up shop for all the unwanted peoples of Europe to inhabit, mine, farm, deforest and destroy are until recently utterly ignored by white mainstream society.
When they could not enslave the original peoples here in North America like they did in South and Central America, (where slavery was already a part of their history), they killed them off and brought in people they stole from Africa and enticed from Asia to work as slaves to their white supremacist ideals, building the infrastructure that has allowed prosperity for so many families, white families.

There has been plenty written about why poor, uneducated white people believe the narrative of men like Moore and Trump.
I do not need to retell the stories psychologists and social science have been presenting.
The broken promise of a chance to be king of the hill, or to rise up beside the new kings, Adam’s rib and all, still holds power in the illusion of democracy that has become our societal norm.
The rich are still in power as it has been in Europe for centuries since the great Roman invasion, and the poor are still held in economic slavery with the false promise of an opportunity to get a leg up, despite the laws and structures of society blocking them in every attempt made.
They do not see this for themselves, so locked in to the dysfunctional system, but follow the pointed finger of the ‘draconian powers that are’ and blame whichever group is handy, be it black, First Nations, or non white immigrants.

Ohh I can feel the #notallwhitepeople already gearing up, yes it is uncomfortable to look at this pattern we live by, but we must.
This has to heal if we are to survive as a human race on this planet.
As a white woman I have been asked to look at the patterns of belief I have inherited and continued within my own life and it has been very uncomfortable, but so liberating to take them apart and release them from my very being.
I know I wanted to squirm away from the guilt and discomfort looking at my white ancestors and myself and it is very awkward noticing it among my white friends and family.
I have upset some people, speaking up when I hear unconscious racism and misogyny or witness the imprinted attitudes as they come across in social discourse, even though I am being as gentle as I can.
I have learned that there is a very strong foundation for calling us ‘snowflakes’. The ‘I don’t want to look at it, I don’t want to know, it is too painful for me’ attitude is intense!
Love and light, unicorns and rainbows, is a decidedly white privilege attitude.

So far in raising issues in social media for discussion I have been insulted, told to take a valium, contain my rage, called a bully, told I was baiting people, was not behaving as a ‘proper spiritual leader’ and ‘unfriended’ blocked and publicly shamed, one going as far as posting on his timeline that he will not associate with me, because I have made a commitment to address the white community of which I am a part.
Sadder still, most of my social media community consider themselves spiritually evolved!These were a very small minority of responders to my posts, maybe 5% in all, mostly male and all of them white, yet they took up quite a bit of space on my time line and in my attention.
I have decided to handle this small percentage differently in the future, after all, they have plenty of resources to educate themselves with if they choose. I want to talk to those who want to heal this, not keep it in place.
The 95% who were able to have an adult conversation without insulting me gave me hope for our community to evolve.
So many people private messaged me after some of these discourses on Cultural Appropriation, Male Backlash to #metoo, Speaking up and Speaking out, Setting Boundaries against fundamentalist religion, that I realized how afraid many are to publicly share their stance against that Draconian backlash.

The historic witch hunts and deadly misogynist imprints from European culture, the horrendous brutality of colonization, and the statistics of how many women of all races and socio economic backgrounds are murdered, along with the killing and incarceration of huge numbers of POC and First Nations identified peoples create a real threat to speaking up, so heavily imprinted with terror are we.
I have the privilege this lifetime of no longer being afraid to speak out because of having the incredible opportunity of healing much of those imprints within myself, so I will continue to speak up and speak out, and I will use my magic power of delete for any insulting, racist or misogynist comments from now on.

The majority of white voters in Alabama have let us know, we have to tackle this in white communities if we are ever going to be free.
Speak up. Stand up. Add your voice to the collective consciousness so we can heal it. Please, for life’s sake.

Statistics from the Washington Post.
Title from Neil Young ‘Alabama’