Money In The Hands of Love

Money in the hands of love
We have been trained in our society to disconnect our ideas about money and power, of wealth, with Love.
We have been told that ‘Money is the root of all evil’, that ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts all’. We are afraid of money and power because of our training to see it as something bad, something that will make us bad.

We have a lot of sayings and expressions that come out from generations of belief systems that travel through ideas like “The meek shall inherit the earth”, that “The poor and destitute are the most worthy”, We believe and pass on to subsequent generations ways to keep ourselves in check, “Don’t get ahead of yourself’ , 1 “Don’t stand up too high”, “Pride goeth before a fall” ..all of these ideas that we have been carrying, inherited from our ancestors, inherited from the patterns that have been marked on our DNA lines, are perpetuated by our current media, our religions, our schools.

It’s a strange dichotomy many of us live in.

There’s the idea that we all have to get rich.
“That’s what life is about, keep striving to better ourselves. Get a better job, house, car, mate, education, neighbourhood.. climb that ladder, make things better for our kids, that’s in contradiction to the ways we think of ‘The rich!”

There is a collective fear of the rich and powerful, patterned and perpetuated by our historical experiences for sure, but none the less, many people believe that rich people are bad people, crooks, who run the word from secret societies, corrupt people who will hang on to power and money at all costs, who got their money through exploitation and slavery of others, who create wars for profit and will destroy anyone in the way of making money, including the planet.

In essence, many equate money and power with Evil.
We have of course, plenty of experiences to back up these ideas!

We have a saying ‘Money makes the world go round. We think of this as meaning that everything happens for and because of money, and in many civilizations it has and does look like that is truth.

I was listening to Here On Earth Awakening Spirit Blogtalk Radio show on ISIS, Ebola and Hope (which you can get a link to from the website” slash events). The Council of Elders, who are a dedicated spirit group, brought through some deep understandings of the nature of our current crisis.

Their spokes-being Red was talking about how all of the horrific situations we’ve got erupting in the world right now really all come out of a desperation of people that are being marginalized and starved out, people with long histories of oppression and hopelessness.
In an earlier teaching Virus and Bacteria he taught that virus have a social pattern that they flow through, certain social conditions that allow different virus to thrive, and in the radio recording he talked about how Ebola follows the patterns of invasion and plunder, and as does, I believe, the rise of violent fundamentalist extremism, like ISIS and KKK and all the other violent acts of oppression going on in so many places.

What is the solution to the flair ups of horror we are currently facing in our world?

Money. Really… literally, the solution is money.

As an example, on the Awakening Spirit show Red talked about how everybody was making money off of the peoples that lived on that coast of Africa where Ebola was hitting the hardest. The peoples living there have been exploited for so many centuries, with invasion after invasion just coming in and plundering. This is where so many people were taken in the slave trade that made a lot of North American, British and European families very rich.

The European trade ships that took and took, and before that, the invaders from North Africa that enslaved and took tribute. This is where the descendants of the stolen people returned and tried to make a country for themselves, with the support of US dollars that while I am sure well intended, was a drop in the bucket to what the stolen people contributed to American wealth.

What’s the difference between exploiting the people there to work the gold and diamond mines, the rubber plantations, and taking all the profits and taking the bale bodied persons? To those left behind struggling, or those locked into back breaking labour under brutal conditions, it is a matter of mind.

There are a lot of corporations and mining interests that are making a huge profit off the people and resources there, yet the same people still live in extreme poverty, many dependent on charity to survive at all.

The wealth is syphoned off and very few living there gets any benefit. Poverty and hunger in a part of the world that should be abundant and prosperous is a human shame.

There are layers and layers of entanglement and entitlement issues that have fabricated such a tragic reality.

Religious and racist beliefs, hierarchal thinking patterns, and judgements of human values all play in to this way of being, and these kinds of scenarios have been played out everywhere we find poverty on this planet. Whereever there is war, poverty, imprisonment, and tyranny, we will see the same patterns of money and power withheld from the people and kept in the hands of the few.

We all have been trained to believe that this is OK, because it is ‘business’. We fell for the idea of trickle down and have allowed wealth to accumulate in the control of the few.

We have separated money and power from love and have left it to fester in hatred and greed.
This is the result of leaving money and power out of love.

What does money in the hands of love look like?

Money in the hands of love would have had those fighter jets Canada sent to drop bombs on the poorest communities in the middle east packed with medical supplies, clean water and nourishing food. They would have flown in to bring instant hospitals and medicines to combat the Ebola outbreak that decimated families and villages.

Money in the hands of love would pay Drs and nurses to take time away from their families, would pay to have them fully equipped with the best science has to offer to safely go and deal with disease and suffering in the world.

Money in the hands of love would have stamped out ebola within the first month of it’s outbreak.

Actually, money in the hands of love would never have allowed the conditions for which Ebola needed to manifest to occur, but if we could go back all through every history and shift money into the hands of love, well there would have been no war on the planet and no sickness from poverty. If we could go back, we would not need this discussion, but we are here now, so lets start here.

Money and power needs to be in the hands of love

Its been money and power in the hands of greed and in the hands of fear that has caused most of the pain and suffering in all of human history.

It’s been money and power in the hands of people that have messed their lines up and their heads up with drugs and alcohol and sex addictions, people who engage in whatever highs they can get in a free fall of personal gratification that is never satiated. I believe that has been a huge part of the recent economic crisis all over the world!

Money and power in the hands of people spiralling out of control of their own lives, too compromised and scared to loose to ever make a good human decision.

I look around sometimes and see some people in wealth and power positions who have got themselves so buzzed up on whatever they are on, that they are not co-existing with anybody else in any coherent reality whatsoever.

We are dealing with zombies at that point. You have to dry them out for a couple of months and send them through some major therapy before they come out of zombie-hood, so this is money and power in the hands of zombie energy that is Draconian empowered.

In the Addiction CD recorded in 2010, we really came to understand that we have a lot of realms going on here in our world and we can have our vibrational reality existing in many of them at once.
Put yourself on cocaine for a couple months and you are going to be in a particular frequency realm where you notice everyone else who is doing the same things as you. Surrounded by that frequency, it will soon feel normal.

Go on a drinking binge for a month and just see what reality you find yourself coexisting in, what your normal is there.

We know that many high power positions that pay well very often are saddled with addiction and violence issues. We have the stats, so we can guess at how many huge decisions were made from those realm of fear and addiction.

Where we put our vibration puts us in a particular realm, manifests a particular reality around us. This is how life works. What we hold to be true, what we believe, repeat and live becomes manifest.
After the years I have been fortunate to study The Councils teachings, I can see things I could not see before.

I can see that we really have been trained to put money and power into the hands of those that we’d least want to be making decisions for this planet. We have shied away from holding that power and money ourselves for so many personal and collective reasons that it feels sane to do so.

It is anything but sane.

I say what we need to do, all of us, is to bring money and power into the hands of love, and use it.

If we have a collective belief system that says money makes the world go round, then let’s put that money in the hands of love and let that money be used by love to make this world go round with love, creativity and compassion.

I think we should also put power back in the hands of love, and decision making into the hands of love.

I think we can each do that individually to start. Find the places within ourselves that are in alignment with that love and heal the places that are not.

Whether it is love of each other, love of the planet, love of ourselves, I think we can learn to stay in that vibration of love, to make our decisions from there, spend our money from there, and earn our money from there.

Imagine being in a place where money and power are used by love by us as individuals, and communities!

I believe that if each one of us human beings were operating from that place of love, we in cooperation with this earth would co-create the coolest planet in the entire universe.

We would co-create ways of living on this planet that are magnificent and beautiful and as diverse as the landscapes and people already are.

Imagine the transformation of the cities to include everyone in them, including the birds and animals that live alongside the people!
We would design buildings to be in harmony with the earth, like the earthships and the amazing eco-technologies that are out there already. Rooftop gardens and tranquil places of peace and relaxation would dot every community.

Resource rich community centres sharing tools, knowledge and experience where elders and children are included would thrive!

Power technologies that do no harm to the earth or it’s atmosphere or beings, but allow us to live in healthy and creative ways would be developed and funded, new entrepreneurs supported and funded by money in the hands of love.

Transportation and communication technologies that bring us closer to each other, but do not cause harm free for all to work with would be just part of the shared infrastructure.

I saw a video about solar powered roadways that could run the cars on it, warn about animals crossing or problems up ahead, and why not have them able to control the cars too so accidents do not happen!

We have so much brilliant technology, we have the dream and the desire, to do these things. Money and power in the hands of love would make some very cool civilizations on this planet.

I know it sounds utopian, Pollyanna, impossible with human nature such as it is. Just looking at the numbers of people that feel so hopeless and helpless, it can feel overwhelming for one person to make a difference, even with all the examples of people who have and do create change.

The Council has talked about us being a homeopathic remedy, where just the essence of something, the tiniest particle, can affect the vibration of the whole and shift it into healing.

If we can take that connection to money and power that has been so corrupted, find it within us, fully own it, be completely real with ourselves about what world we want to participate in, we can shift it into love within us and begin the healing process there. That’s how homeopathy works.

Can we become a homeopathic medicine for the evils that are going on in this world due to lack of money, lack of power by shifting it into love within us?

Why not?

Can saying, “I choose to bring power and money back into the hands of love.” and living it become a quiet medicine for our collective?

I believe that if we choose to do so, if we fully face every guilt, every pattern that keeps us from standing in our full potential, like The Council outline in the Freedom CD teaching, I believe we can become a medicine that can put money and power into the hands of Love.

I have heard the argument that what we really need to do is eliminate money and power, as if it is not redeemable. That we should equally share everything.

We tried that path in a few cultures and it got so corrupted it turned into the some of the world’s worst tyranny.

It doesn’t work like that in nature, the true world around us, all ecosystems are constantly shifting and changing, balancing themselves with each other in a fairly harmonious coexistence.

The needs of an apple tree are not the same as the needs of a cedar tree, and each landscape of this planet evolves very different cultures, for all sentient beings. Nature is not about equal amounts for all, it is about balance, respect, diversity and change.

I don’t want to live in the same house with the exact same belongings as somebody else. I want the creativity to build my little cabin in the middle of the woods if I want to live that way. I want to visit the hanging garden cities and the dome cities and the floating communities and experience what those collectives built!

I like Earth’s diversity!

When money and power are in the hands of love I think we can start trusting that we are part of an ecosystem and whatever realities we are creating have to be in alignment and cooperation with all other realities. It has to be, if we are all going to co-exist.

One person suffering absolutely affects the whole, Ebola and ISIL and the rise of fundamentalism everywhere is teaching us that!

One person living a wholesome and fulfilling life also affects the whole, making it seem possible for another to achieve that too!

It’s about finding all of this within ourselves, witnessing how it plays out in our own lives and shifting it there first. It’s about creating a loving platform of living inside us first and then allowing it to be expressed outside in our daily lives.

It’s about being so grounded in love that all our actions,words, and choices, are vibrating with this frequency of love.

It’s about making the world that we choose to live in, that we choose to co-create, reflect this state of love.

Lets bring power and money back into Love.

Lets bring everything that humanity does on this planet, into the hands of love.

Lets change the world, by changing ourselves.

You can check out our website for inspirational teachings from The Council of Elders.