I saw two ships..



As many know, I have been working with The Council of Elders for almost three decades now, so my education has been pretty intense.
How life works, how the universe began, the development of the human psyche and societal and ancestral imprinting has been a force of change and intense personal study in my life.

The Council have talked about the changes we are in right now as an earth society as the end of one world and the beginning of another one is being experienced.
This is spoken about in the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Mayan, Canadian and American First Nations, well pretty much every prophesy and belief system that has developed within the diversity of human expression talk about these intense times.

The way the Council explains it is that our solar system has been spiralling through the dark matter in space, and that the dark matter is imprinted with potential.
It is imprinted by the waves of charged light from stars, planets and the experiences of all sentient beings that affect our behaviours and patterns of expression on earth.
The waves of experience in all cultural expressions here seem to be cyclical in nature to the point that changes can be ‘prophesized’.
If you study the cycles in human history, you can see the patterns our solar system passes through, is an interesting view the Council presents.

An analogy that ‘Red’, the being from The Council that I work with the most, has presented is a good one to work with.

The analogy is of two ships, one is sinking before the other ship is built.
I took the liberty of imagining this analogy and some of what that would look like.

One ship has layers, workers at the bottom, shovelling coal in filthy hot conditions in the bowels of the ship.
Above them are cooks, cleaners, the behind the scenes people who provide the nice environment for the others above.
The next level houses the servants who carry the serving dishes, pour the drinks, look after the children, the customer service people and administrative clerks.
Then, next layer up are the musicians, entertainers including sports celebrities, captains, lieutenants, stewards, doctors and high level administrators.

All these layers of people work to create and maintain the fine ballroom on the utmost deck where everyone who is anyone is walking around dressed to the nines waving champagne glasses and talking about sports and celebrities, showing off their acquisitions and financial portfolio’s.
Serious business and frivolous waste dance hand in hand, held in place by all the hard work and resources of the workers below and by another layer that is intrinsic in keeping this order.

There is another layer, intertwined throughout the ship that a high percentage of the resources and personal are dedicated to; weapons and security.
If any other boats are in the way or appear to be a threat they can easily be eliminated by the superior weapons systems this boat has on board.
There are guards and special operatives on every level, working along side, often incognito, to listen for any signs of uprising or awakening.
There are whole floors dedicated to war games and strategies to protect the ship and keep everyone in unity.
Religion, sports, communications systems and entertainment are all put into use by this layer and those that run it are allowed to mingle on the upper decks.
Sometimes they have taken over the upper decks and replaced one family with another, but this gets forgotten and is not spoken about much.
No one is sure who is in charge at times but they all feel much safer with them there, as they hear about and see what can happen with so many enemies jealous of their boat!

Very few notice the ship isn’t going anywhere, just circling around and is rotting and rusting away at an alarming rate.
Few think about how much of their lives are spent working and how their precious time off is spent on the ‘entertainment lounges’ that take up so much of their pay.
Few notice how many line up at the dispensary windows to get their daily pharmaceuticals that allow them to keep functioning properly.
They are so glad to be on a ship that floats, that feeds them and gives them a place to sleep that they willingly turn a blind eye on anything that belies this notion of freedom and happiness.
After all, it is a privilege to have things like food, shelter, entertainment and companionship and even education and healthcare!
Education had taught them of the terrible lives their ancestors had and those who were not lucky enough to be working on that ship were experiencing.
They believed in counting their blessings and looking at the positive side of the situation.
They tell you about how much better this ship is than any other ship in history and are very proud of it!

The people on every level find they are working longer hours for smaller portions of space and food, and are looking for ways to get in to the levels above them where there is always a little more leg room, better food and entertainment.
They believe if they work hard enough, are smart enough, believe enough, or do enough favours they will get those positions one day.
So exhausted are they at the end of each day that they numb themselves with the rum rations handed out by the stewards and fall asleep, ‘let tomorrow worry about tomorrow, I made it through today’ they think.
The workers have been promised that if they work hard and behave, they will get a chance to dance on the deck one day too, or their descendants will, or in their next life they will.
All eyes are on the dance floor, mesmerized with dreams of ‘someday that will be me’.

Meanwhile, huge masses of oily mess and garbage are pooled around the ship that no one wants to notice and the waters are filled with the toxic trash spewing out behind them.
Fish and birds are dying by the millions in the wake and the fishermen, who are not allowed to come aboard but live their lives in tiny wooden boats, are unable to supply the kitchens from the wild anymore.
They have huge tanks of fish with crates of birds stacked atop of the tanks on board now.
The birds are fed and the fish eat their excrement that drops into the tanks and this is what feeds the workers.
The few wild caught are saved for the upper deck, but the fishermen have to go further and further away from the ship to find any life worth eating.
The belly ship workers are sent out in little boats to clean up the excess garbage and barge it away out of sight if it becomes too big and starts clogging up the engines or impeding maneuverability.

Farmers, who supply the ship from the denuded islands around, trade their foodstuffs for the chemicals they have been told they need to purchase, to grow the kinds of food the ship requires.
They pay the ship for the right to farm the islands and this allows them to live there.
Security forces go to the islands to make sure the farmers are doing what they are suppose to and to check for anything else of value to be found there.
If they find anything like metal, shiny gems or oil, the farmers are put on rafts and sent to other islands to exploit.
If anyone lives on those islands the security quickly removes them and no one asks ‘where to?’.

Massive resources from all the islands are poured into the rotting infrastructure, with upgrades implemented and new drywall plastered over old cracks, but it is undeniably sinking.

Loud music is pumped through the ship interspersed with entertainers telling everyone how good they have it and all the terrible threats they are being protected from, and whenever the ship hits something big, huge fireworks go up that draws everyone’s attention away.
The bilge pumps are not keeping up and some of the workers are noticing that the water is rising; especially the ones forced to live in the holds.
They are all told this is normal and is under control and to go back to work and not alarm anyone.
Some of the mid level workers are very tired, unable to keep up with the demands made of them and are noticing the stench of the garbage and decline of happiness.
Some are questioning whether this ship is good to be on or not.
They are all trying to make do with the decaying system, with the upper servants hiding the problems from the lower servants while not interrupting the party on the upper decks.
If they go to the upper deck to seek help to rectify these issues they are told by security that it is their job to fix them using the resources already allocated.

Some aboard are aware of the concerns but believe that if they can work their way to the upper decks they will be able to change the conditions by becoming part of the elite or part of the administrative staff, in service to humanity.
They do not expect that they will just be swallowed into the status quo if they ever do get there, as after all, that is how that ship is rigged.

Because they truly believe this is the only ship floating, the workers noticing what is going on are running around the old hulk ringing the fire alarms, trying to make people aware of what is happening there, putting out fires, patching holes, painting over the rust, pointing out the garbage spewing out, exposing the horrid conditions for so many workers trapped in the belly of the ship, but all their crying out that the sky is falling is landing on deaf ears.

Many others are aware, but do not want the party to end until they have had their time on the dance floor.

Some workers are leaving the ship of their own free will, seeing what is going on and not wanting to be part of it anymore.
Those who cannot keep quiet about the problems are often forced to leave, branded ‘trouble makers’ by the other workers and ignored or thought of as minor annoyances by the upper deck.
A small few on the upper deck are noticing the sinking and are getting their private helicopters ready to take them away to uninhabited Islands they have under construction, while they deny the problems and distract the workers with loud music and drama; after all there is only room for so many in the life rafts.

There is another ship though.

It is being built by those who have noticed the sinking ship from afar and those who have abandoned it.
It is not ready to float on it’s own yet and no one is sure what it will look like, but all hands are on deck.

Some carry blueprints for solar or wave power and some have really interesting ideas about energy harnessing that they are eager to try out.
Some have concepts and experience with sustainable food production and creating healthy sustenance for all.
Some are focused on social well being and some are interested in creating health care systems for all on board.
There is an interest in the next generation and how to create healthy environments that nurture decent human beings.
There is communication and respect with the waters that hold it and the sun that powers it and all the creatures that share the space with this new ship, with a carefulness and dedication to respect for all life.
Ideas are played with and morality is questioned and examined in the context of ecology and healthy ecosystems that include a new humanity.
Social ‘norms’ are being examined and implemented or discarded by how they measure up in actuality.

Many are very aware of the problems of the old ship and want to make sure the new one does not carry any of those patterns, so it is a slow process.
The basic blueprints have been around for many generations and have been adapted for use by other ships in the past.
There is an acknowledgement by these new builders of all the ships and barges and rafts that have been intentionally sunk or accidentally rammed by the old hulk, and a willingness to incorporate spaces for all those ideas and ways of being that allow much more diversity on this emerging ship.
There is a commitment to compassion and the good traits of humanity and a willingness to heal the old wounds so that all feel included.
There is an intrinsic respect for the island keepers and those who live on and in the great waters, a desire to free them from the bondage of the old ship.

There is no hierarchy, no levels of existence; everyone shares ideas as to how it can function and are interested in experimenting with possibilities that have worked in past human history and some concepts that have not yet been tried.
There is an eagerness and excitement that encourages innovation and creativity and a dedication to a healthy future for all that has not been seen on the old ship for thousands of years.

As more people arrive the new ship has begun to take form, but it is not built yet and is not ready to float humanity forward.

Maybe that is because we have not figured it all out and want to make sure the ship is seaworthy and comfortable for all who seek passage.
Maybe it is because we are too focused on keeping the old hulk afloat, not ready to acknowledge that it is not sustainable and never has been.
Like the Titanic, maybe we believed that ship was unsinkable so do not pay attention to the icebergs right in front of us.
Many still harbour a latent idea that they will miss their turn on the high deck after lifetimes of climbing that ladder and are keeping half their attention on the old ship in case it revives.
Mostly, I think, it has not been built yet because we are not sure we can do it, so dependant have we become on the one ship that has claimed to be the only ship in the sea.
So indoctrinated are we in our ‘rightful place’ in the order of things, we have not yet realized it is a false order, an illusion.
We have been taught that all the resources are on that old ship and that we have no choice but to participate in it, so it is scary to leave it and work on the new one.
Many have jobs on the old ship they are too afraid to abandon as the new ship cannot yet support them, but for whatever reasons, there are still way more people keeping the old ship going than there are in building the new one.

How do we transition to the new ship in safety?

I am not sure that we can.

It takes a leap of faith to jump ship and swim and some do not make it.
I think of the Egyptian, Sunni Syrian, Sudanese and Tunisian people who dared a revolution, who were just thrown overboard; the survivors still swimming to whatever lifeboat will take them in.
I think of all the First Nations and Indigenous peoples who are struggling to keep their boats afloat in the streams of garbage and erratic manoeuvres of the bulky warship that has invaded their waters.
I think of all the peoples in Asia and Africa who were involuntarily removed from their sustainable rafts and forced to work in the holds of that hulking mass of rotting metal and know that the terror inflicted is deep; and terror keeps us all in place.

There have been harsh penalties for those who defy the order of the old ship, who stand up to those that believe themselves ‘masters’ and those who serve them.
Our human history and present day news is filled with examples of what happens to anyone who rocks that old boat.
It is really hard to trust that anything good can be accomplished as we have lost faith in humanity, so stifled, dependant and imprisoned on the old rotting hulk have we become.
We believe that this is the way humans are, have been and always will be, as we only remember the stories and experiences from that one ship.
We rarely have a chance to hear stories from other ways of floating and when we do, we are not sure we believe them or think it possible anymore, so indoctrinated in the illusion of the old hulk are we.

How does it happen, how do we shift?

I believe the work is done inside us first.
We need to examine the beliefs and benefits we think we have on the old ship, what erroneous convictions and fears hook us into that system of slavery.
We need to see the illusion for what it is, examine the systems that keeps such illusions afloat and dismantle them around us.
We need to get back in touch with the oceans that truly carry us and the resources that are available that are in harmony with that cosmic ocean.
Once we have dismantle the blueprints that keep us on the old ship, we are ready to start building enough space to sustain us on the new ship.

Many entrepreneurs, innovators, philosophers, poets, mystics, scientists, healers, farmers and crafts people have already left the old ship and are building a new way forward, quietly and patiently.
There are entire cultures who have never fully got on board the old ship, so rightfully distrustful are they, and these ones have a lot of knowledge and leadership they can provide the new ship.
There is a lot going on all over the world and if you pay attention, you can see past the uprisings on the old ship as the oppressed fight for freedom and the oppressors clamp down on their imagined privileged positions, to the places where the new ship is being constructed.

Find your fellow builders, get involved, make space for and support those who are trying to leave the old ship.
Support their businesses and ideas, let those who are thrown overboard have space in your life raft, put your faith, time and resources into the new ship and let the old hulk sink.

There are those who will choose to go down with the old ship and we must remember, it is their choice to do so and respect that choice.

It is not an easy road ahead no matter which ship you choose to put yourself aboard, but we each have a choice to make at this precarious time in human history.

I hope there are enough of us who choose to build the new ship.
All aboard.
All hands on deck.
I hear the call.

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