How to Detect a Wetiko Invasion

What is ‘Wetico’?

It has been defined by some as ‘a disease of civilization’ and while I understand that viewing point, I would say it is a disease that is incubated in the colonized civilizations.
The disease itself is a social cancer, in my mind.
Most people I know in the western world are deeply infected with this disease, myself included.
It reminds me of the great plagues of Europe that spread village to village causing madness and mayhem, sickness and death, but is slower moving and therefore not as easily detectable.
We cannot see it is it creeps in, generation after generation, spreading deeper each decade, unless we know what we are looking for.

In my training, I have learned that the evolution of humanity is about our souls’ experience of earth in a physical way.
We are from the stars and as we embody our potentials within the DNA and societal patterns expressed in manifested reality, we create a ‘life’ here on earth.
This life is meant to be enjoyed through interaction with the earth, through the senses of our bodily selves.
Each lifetime spent here adds wisdom and understanding gleaned through our physical experiences.
You could say that by manifesting our humanity each lifetime, we are adding to the collective awareness of all of humanity; a vast quantum field of accumulated experience, a pool of knowledge held for future generations to draw from.

Our beautiful divine souls take on the patterns left for us by our ancestors and we add to those tapestries of creativity and expression with each breath we draw here.
As humans, we can appreciate the wonders of this earth through our personal creativity and expression.

An apple tree is planted, tended and cared for, grafted, experimented with. to create a diversity of fruits.
Many creatures benefit from the apples, branches, shade and photosynthesis in those orchards.
We are the only species who can then take those apples and continue creating!
Pie, cider, cobbler, ice-cream, crisp, butter, jam, sauce and on and on and on… this is the gift of creation humanity shares with the earth in its balanced state.
We add to the garden of diversity and innovation this earth offers.

We make art, music and dance, we put into words and sounds and share our experiences with each other.
We create with stone and wood, we make energy from sun and wind and wave, gravity and yes, all that we dig up and pump out of our beloved planet.

In a healthy balance, we humans participate in the natural and manifold expressions of earth, with respect and gratitude.
We understand ourselves as part of a beautiful ecosystem and our contribution is in harmony with the patterns of this great planet when we are in a healthy state of being.

Wetiko destroys that harmony and imprints us with the patterns of destruction and annihilation.

How is it spread?

Wetiko is a cancer and it spreads and acts within the body of humanity as it does in the individual body of those afflicted.

It comes in and corrupts those patterns that would keep humanity thriving and replaces them with horror and suffering that end in extinction.

Wetiko disconnects humans from their humanity, from their sacred connection to their body and the earth.

The focus and direction of the disease is to steal the energy and resources of the body (earth) to fuel the rapid growth of this anomaly.
Once that anomaly has exhausted the resources of one area of the host it spreads to another place in the body,(earth) ever consuming life, hope and happiness.
Colonization is how that disease is spread from place to place.
Once it has reached a new resource, (place in the world or uninfected civilization) it begins to replace the healthy wholesome patterns with its own destructive imprints.

For it to spread, first you must disconnect the people from the earth, moving them away from their ancestral belonging.
My teachings have said that it takes 13 generations of ancestral bones in a land to fully connect a person to a place on the earth.
To disconnect a civilization from its roots you must force them to move from the places of their ancestors.
This may involve war, relocation, deforestation, flooding, tyranny- using force to prevent people from hunting, fishing and agriculture and control of one’s environment through land ownership.

Once the people are relocated you must control their access to food.
The cancer cells eat first, gathering the resources to feed themselves leaving little for the starving cells to survive on.
This is accomplished by denying self-sufficiency and causing dependency on money generated by labour in mines, wars and factories.
If you don’t work for or assimilate into the wetiko infected, you don’t eat.

Then you tame the women, the feminine creative, the matrix.

By controlling a woman’s body, you control the future generations she produces, and you control the men who love her.
Rape is always present in large wetiko infections.
Denial of women’s’ power is always present as well.

Once you have subdued the women, you can then control the children by separating them from their parents and villages, raising them according to the doctrines of the wetiko infected cells.

Many of the men, and the women who escape, will take the patterns of the immune system and will fight against the invasion, losing their lives, weakening and becoming wounded and eventually infected by the very disease they are fighting.

Wetiko is a horrible disease.

Wetiko corrupts our connection to the earth, humanity and the connection to our divine.
It destroys all that is sacred within us in a mindless movement towards the ruination of humanity and the earth with us.
It is our self-hatred made manifest and is generations deep in many of the European cultures and anywhere colonization has occurred.

Signs and symptoms of a wetiko infestation.

The infected cells feel disconnected from the body (earth) and see it as a resource to be exploited for their benefit alone.
All other resources and cells are drained by these infected cells creating extreme wealth for a few and very little access to resources for the many.

The sense of disconnect becomes fueled by the imposition of the wetiko patterns into entitlement and a rapid take over of all resources surrounding the infected cells.
Gangs, cartels and armies form with the idea of control of the environment and separating the resources from the people.

Any cells that fight against or do not adhere to the exact same patterns of the infected cells are targeted and destroyed by wetiko.
This manifests as sexism, homophobia, racism, bigotry and xenophobia.
Anything conflicting with the pattern of wetiko is discriminated against and eventually infected or destroyed. No ideas, belief systems, sexual expressions, creativity, religion, or philosophies are exempt.

Huge greed for resources speeds through the infected cells manifesting as the accumulation of wealth and stuff, stealing and exploiting wherever possible to feed the rapidly growing cancer.
Just like with cancer, there is a problem for the body (earth) in dealing with the toxic runoff of waste material generated in the rapid consumption of resources.
This manifests as deforestation, pollution, toxic waste, dumpsites and massive climate change as the host is destroyed.

As wetiko spreads in society you will see an increase in suicide, alcoholism, sex and drug abuse, wars, extreme poverty, mental health crisis, disease, and a defined division between have and have not.

In the collective and individual psyche, there will be a disconnect from reason, creativity and an ability to hold one’s own beliefs.
Wetiko spreads with intimidation and shame making one feel they must conform to the status quo or risk survival of self and of family.
The houses, costumes and ideas and religions will look very much the same in a wetiko infected environment.

As the patterns of wetiko become imprinted in the psyche, individuals will repeat and replay the same ugly rhetoric as the conquering wetiko imprinted energies and generation after generation it will spread.

Fear is generated and used to fuel the spread of infection, riding through on the adrenaline charge and frenzied greed of the wetiko induced energy.
Riots, murder, rape and pillage result from the frenzy as the contamination spreads and the fear of being without resources as the infected cells hoard the wealth fuel the fight or flight adrenaline surge of the disenfranchised.

Other species of animal and plant are eradicated and replaced by the animals and plants cultivated to feed the greed of the infected.

Humans following different patterns than the wetiko infected face genocide, prison and degradation if they cannot be induced to take on these patterns.
Hatred and distrust are bred to continue the divide and conquer strategies of a wetiko invasion.

Apathy, disorientation, willful blindness, lethargy addiction and stupor begin to spread on this hatred, making the invasion of wetiko even easier.

What can be done?

Education and enlightenment are the key to immunization against and healing from the wetiko attack.

Find out who you are.
When you know your social history and where you are in time, you can see where corruption has come into your cultural lines and can begin unravelling the threads of terror, abuse and addiction that hold wetiko in place.

Learn about your DNA and your ancestry.
As one of my favourite bands ‘Digging Roots’ say in their hit ‘Wake Up and Rise’, “if you live by your roots, you are protected by the branches.”
Find out who your ancestors are and what their customs and beliefs were before they were colonized.
You may discover you have bones of ancestors in many regions of our planet and are a DNA embodiment of a global citizen.

Try to discern what your ancestors have passed on to you that is healthy and wholesome and which patterns are corrupted by wetiko invasions.
The Hawaiian art of Ho’Oponopono is a great tool and gift from those Island nations for cleaning the lines of our ancestors as they flow into our present expression.
I have written extensively about and teach classes in this process, as it has proven itself to me in astonishing ways.
I was gifted the knowledge of this process through Kahunas Harry and Sila Jim of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Spend time with people and ideas that are different than yours.
Wetiko requires a vacuum, an echo chamber to survive in.
Differing ideas or understandings are a huge threat to wetiko infection.
It requires uniformity and adhesion to the status quo and all are expected to look, feel, think and express exactly the same as the wetiko infected masters.
Any diversity, creativity or individualization is discouraged in the bid to prepare an area for full wetiko takeover.
When you are aware of the options of social expression available on the earth, you realize there is a choice and that you do not have to live by the patterns colonization brought.
Your perspective broadens by exposure to healthy cells, visiting interesting communities and other civilizations in the world, reading, watching and exploring ideas generated by those less infected can broaden your options.
Learning the true histories of the pre-colonized people and familiarizing yourself with the social intricacies of other species on this planet can broaden your options.

Listen to the stories of the elders, the insights of the poets and the wisdom of the philosophers and find the healthy threads in these works.

What gently moves your heart is very different than what spikes your adrenalin.
Notice the difference within yourself and learn to trust your body’s gentle reminders.
Remember your body is of this earth and is connected deeply to all of creation, listen to it!

Healing yourself of racism, bigotry, fear and greed and all the patterns wetiko infection imprint on the psyche is always where to start.
Look for it in your language, the ideas of white being pure and black toxic and bad, dark and light, of white being good and black being bad, the false dualism taught in wetiko patterning.
Look for it in your superstitions and fears, ‘they are going to get me for that’, ‘it’s karma’, “pride goeth before a fall’ and all the social strategies meant to keep you in submission.
Recognize it, study its origins, heal it in self and then spread your healthy message to the struggling cells in the body of humanity.
Give them a different pattern to express.

Draw upon the healthy patterns of the planet and the cosmos and spend time reflecting on your connection to the earth and to the divine within you.

Centre yourself between the earth and the cosmos and practice a healthy lifestyle in harmony with this planet and all of its beings.

Learn to discern lies from truth, health from sickness, and pull yourself away from those who express the wetiko symptoms with compassion and full awareness of the choice you are making.

Love what is healthy and whole and do not feed that which is wetiko.

Choose where to put your resources, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Become sovereign over yourself and your earthy expression.

Become a living medicine, an inoculation, an antibody to wetiko infection.

Look after yourself, we need healthy cells to thrive.

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