Divided River

I see humanity separating into two distinct streams.

One stream is moving away from racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia. It is heading towards healing the wounds of history and is opening to embrace an inclusive way forward. There is a lot of work ahead; everyone knows that and people are inspired to do their part.

It is a stream of logic, science, facts and magic. The arts of negotiation, diplomacy and respect ride the gentle waves onward.

Tough decisions need to be made as a new direction gains momentum. Fossil fuels to be eliminated, the elderly and sick cared for and a pandemic to heal.
There are children to be supported and educated on every continent, not just a few.

There is a lot of work for everyone, and patience is needed, but we know the work is done on behalf of generations yet to come. Minds, hearts and hands are cultivated for the gifts they offer the future as the waters flow towards a better world.

The other stream is doubling down. It wants to hold the hierarchy in place and squeeze the last drop of oil from land and sea. Gripping tightly to the belief that man, their definition of man, was given dominion over all lands and animals, it takes what it wants, gouging the banks as it rages along.

Clinging to their turn at the top of the pyramid, it sucks in around them those who were promised their chance one day. Slashing human rights, building bombs, screaming for more guns, it claws about aimlessly, grabbing every last resource as it thrashes forward, fouled waters in its wake.

Clenching the right to success through slavery, addiction, corruption and war, no matter the collateral damage, the polluted stream plunders recklessly onward.

Might is right, and the weak are culled as the unchecked pride and god-given privilege hurl headlessly towards the chasm of extinction.

Krow Fischer, January 13 2021