Letters from earth

Ides of March 2020

It is time for the adults here to do all we can to assist humanity through this

We certainly are in challenging times.

It is important that we work together as a unit and be strong.
Those of us who have come to know that we are part of the divine energy, whos’ source code is love, can ‘web up’, that is, we can connect with each other and know we are working as a team to assist where we can.
This is not a war, this is a rescue mission.

Those of us who can, need to project ahead and put our vision and faith into the reality we want to hold for humanity’s future.

We have been conditioned to expect the very worst from people, and it is true, there will be many who live up to those low expectations.

There is a balance to find here; understanding that much of humanity has suffered severe damage over history that has corrupted compassion and the ability to love, to know these ones need our compassion, but not our attention right now.

Our focus must be on those who are leading the way to a better, kinder, more wholesome future, adding our personal support and expertise to that wave of humanity surging forward.

We need to visualize how we can possibly live on this planet together, the best possible outcome for us all.

We have seen how interconnected we are as a species, that is something COVID19 has taught us. We are today, a global community. We know that if one area is suffering, it spreads to us all. Today more than ever, we see the truth of the importance of kindness to our neighbours, no matter where in the world they live.

Our lack of faith in humanity, lack of faith in ourselves, and in this universe is going to be the biggest battle we face.

We have to try our best to visualize, imagine and conjure up the best way forward, utilizing our most creative imagination to see humanity evolving into a healthy ecosystem in balance with all other beings on the earth.

We have to embrace the earth, love her and ask her to share her best dream of us so that we may transmit that dream throughout humanity in whatever ways we have at our personal disposal.
This is really all we have to do. Our small part.

We are making a choice for the earth, for the mother’s dream for humanity.

It’s not going to be an easy transition, and it may take a few generations to fully manifest, but we signed up for this.

Together we can shape-shift this reality out of the doomsday prophesies of self-hatred and blame, and into love and compassion. We’ve got this!

Do your best to keep yourself out of the swirl of self-pity and drama. Focus on putting your skill sets towards what you can offer to help others cope. Keeping your faith in life strong, keeping your courage up, and believing in yourself and all you have learned over the years will make you a strong swimmer in this tidal wave of change. We need your best self now, try to be that.