It’s a strange time to be alive, but I imagine we say that every lifetime.

What can we offer the world that it does not already have, besides our view point, or ‘viewing point’?

We offer our existence to our environment and each other by the default of being alive, by breathing in and out, but interaction with life usually takes much more of a commitment than that.

The effort required to just stay alive seems like a huge investment.
To feed, clothe and shelter our bodies is a daily struggle, no matter where on the planet we exist.

Between bombs laying to waste centuries old villages, killing or displacing entire generations, to earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and fires ripping communities asunder, to fascist idiots assuming leadership and common people making huge political mistakes, 2016 has been one hell of a year.

All that we as decent humans want to pretend we are, is being tested as we bear witness to what we have actually created on our planet.

We are collectively responsible for how we live and what we leave behind and that is catching up to us in the changes we have made to our climate and the hopelessness we have embedded in our youth and disenfranchised communities.

The pyramid structure, where a few societies live off the labour of many more societies, from the gold facet crowd to the massive base of poverty and hopelessness crushed at the bottom, is falling apart.

On some level we know that another way of living here must emerge and we may be in the growing pains of that birth.
That is the hopeful view.

When we are struggling for existence, those loftier thoughts are far away; hard to think about the bigger picture and how you got where you are when you are digging your child out from under burning rubble, or running from a machine gun toting teenager with dead eyes,  determined to enslave you through terror.
Our fears and doubts seem to be fuelling our future far more than our faith and hope.
Life is not at all easy for most people alive today. It seems to me that good people are leaving the planet in droves!

I know, compared to most I have it easy.

I have the advantage of being an observer from my warm, safe perch by the fire here in rural Ontario. I will take that advantage of that and observe what I can.

I am also aware that I have the huge advantage of many choices and I have made some unusual ones this life.

Where I stand on the sphere of life’s viewing points is sparsely populated.
I have had the luxury of a lifetimes’ study of the ‘great mystery’, the mystical and the divine.
I have managed to live this study outside of any mainstream religion, under the tutelage of no one master.

I asked creation to teach me and have been led to many mentors from a variety of cultural backgrounds as well as the earth herself and most importantly my children, grandchildren and fellow travellers.

What I have learned is that each landscape produces cultures and mystical understandings based upon the historical experiences of the people living there, crafted by the layout of the land itself.

Peoples of the Islands and of the oceans see the world differently than those of the rivers and jungles.

The desert people who’s beliefs make up a large section of the worlds’ religions (Judaism, Christianity and Muslim) and the prairie peoples pathways have more similarities than differences I discovered.

Each culture, each area of the planet grows it’s own realities.

My seeking and determination to be an independent thinker led me to open the inherent channeling pathways passed down from my maternal grandmother’s lineage, allowing me to connect with The Council of Elders, a ’not currently incarnate’ group of individual beings whose dedication to the ongoing education of humanity is humbling.

This group has been bringing knowledge, history and wisdom through hundreds like me for thousands of years, and although this method of research has been out of fashion since the witch hunts, it is still practiced in many cultures around the world .

We have, with the help of many, brought through a book, “Weavers of Light, A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times”, Seventy-five teaching MP3s on topics from Time, to DNA, to The life of Christ. From Understanding Chakras to Understanding Evil and the structure of our soul to Fairies, Aliens, Other Civilizations in the Universe and my favourite, The Meaning of Life!

We hosted public group sessions on topics like Autism, youth, war, climate change and unexplained mysteries, call-in shows, youtube videos; we have dedicated 25 years to making The Council’s work easily available in the world. We managed all of this without forming a cult around it or becoming  gurus!

My spiritual education has allowed me a broad viewpoint, an overview of history and future, a look at our place in the here and now.
My inner work has allowed me empathy and an ability to look at the worst humanity can do and not turn away.
I also have glimpses into the best we can be. That’s where I am focusing.

It is a balancing act, to witness the worst and still hold for the best and I can’t always maintain my footing, but  practice….

Letters from Earth.

This is what it looks like from my ‘viewing point’.