So it seems I’ve taken over the ship.

October 2019

IMG_0176        I had a dream.

One of those intense dreams that you know you need to pay attention to.

I was on a space ship, like in the Star Trek series, with hundreds of thousands of people on board.

I am looking at the captain’s area where the leaders all have their designated seats.

I can’t see their faces, but they seem to be all male gendered and are dressed in matching grey sweats and hoodies with emblems on them. They sit slouched and look bored.

One is snapping his fingers, arm semi raised, expecting someone, possibly myself, to jump to attention and serve him.

I walk in and berate them for being so useless and then I fire them by informing them that I am, as of now, taking over the ship. I tell them to F OFF from the seats and find something they can manage to do without messing up. ‘You are done here.” I tell them.

The other people are shocked and one young guy nervously turns to me mid task and says “We can do that? We can just take over?”

“Why not?” I reply. “It’s our ship as much as theirs, more so ours because we do all the work to keep it running.”

“Wow. I never thought of that.”

I see a kind of wonder or joy cross his face and there is a general air of excitement and a hum of voices as they all realize what has just happened.

A group come over to me standing there amoung the now vacant driver seats and hesitantly ask about security. They tell me their concerns about other ships that the x-leaders may call in to take back the ship and should we load missiles to be ready.

I tell them that I may have taken over the ship but that I will not be in control of it. We all will and we will need to learn to make decisions together. ‘But what if” I add, “What if we just tell the people on the other ships what we have done on ours and they can take over theirs too. We all know they are in the same mess we are in here.”

There is laughter in response, the good kind…”Of course! No one wants to put up with this shit anymore.”

I hear chatter as the group walks away. “My cousin is first officer on the (garbled name of a ship). She would be so into doing this.”

“Ya I know some dudes that would totally be behind non hostile takeover on their gig.”

There is also talk of how to dismantle the weapons systems, strategies for doing it together with all the ships ‘on board’. Ideas of how to make the war components work as energy systems instead. They’ve got this.

Another guy comes up to me, all fellow-conspirator like. He tells me, (and I see the images as he speaks), about a chest that he says is buried outside of my yurt in non dream time. He shows me it is filled with all kinds of colourful boots. Elaborate boots, some with full on curled up toes like elf or gnome boots, fill the chest and he wants to distribute these boots so people will know who’s who or something. Some kind of elaborate hilarious uniform thing.

I have no idea what this is about but I tell him “I took over the ship but I am not the boss”, so if he feels he needs to do this then go for it! “Consensus leadership from now on OK?” I remind him.

It is clear to me I don’t want the responsibility of making decisions for others and feel the need to make this known from the get go. Everyone has to be responsible for their own contribution here and I need to trust that we each can find where we fit in running this ship together.

Bees can do that, switching jobs when they get bored, moving in and out of tasks… we can borrow that system of job share without needing a queen bee. I had understood that the queen really just holds the patterns of organization that the other bees work within. More like an offering and re making of herself with all that royal jelly to be a kind of telepathic relay system that supports all the bees in the hive. In our case, ‘Earth-ship’ holds those patterns directly for us. She is queen bee. We don’t need a human one.

It is also clear to me that what I am really saying to the guy is… “Go ahead. If this is important to you and others, Go ahead! Fill your boots!

Next I seem to be walking through the ship, poking into all the ‘restricted’ places.

One door I open leads to a room filled with screens. I see hundreds of faces staring into the screens. There are markers on the eyes and around the eyes, the mouth lines, around the nose and temples. I realize these are people reading something on their personal computers, pads and phones. I realize it is a memo sent out from the old bosses and the markers are registering the emotional responses to what they are reading. I understand that this info is being processed and filed for all personnel on board and I am pissed!

I want to start pulling wires but decide I should ask people in the tech department to come in here and get rid of this system on board. Take it apart and flush the invasive personal info from the system.

Somehow folks are now swarming through the room in outrage, yet looking at how they could make the system in place work for the people. Better, clearer communication between people, or easier lines of communication.. it is a sophisticated system and they don’t want to waste it. Clear agreement is made to destroy all the illicit information stored on each person. There is agreement to purge the system and they all get busy doing just that, while sending out info to the other ships to look for these systems installed on their ships.

I don’t remember much more, just a feeling of everyone’s sense of excitement and a buzz of activity as everyone gets to work repairing the mess and putting the plans so many have been thinking about in place in each area of the ship.

Some people want to come to me with their ideas possibly for permission or approval, and I instead organize rooms they can meet in with others interested in or affected by the plans they want to implement.

Meeting rooms are assigned, topics and times for meet up are posted on everyone’s devices so people can show up if they feel they want to be part of that work team.

There is real excitement in the air and a sense of other ships gathering around us. There is a sharing between ships of how we all are doing, what ideas are working and a camaraderie that we had not experienced before, but were obviously hungry for!

It is, we realize, just an old, worn out, oppressive system reaching it’s inevitable end and we all know this. Even many of those who had been in leadership positions know this is inevitable. Overall, it is a sense of relief. but a few are like F YOU! We’ll take control again! Sulking in their cabins over a few scotch.

Some are like, “Good. Can I just go home now please”, like they had been putting in time until retirement and are glad to be gone. They are given shuttles to leave and go back to wherever they came from. In fact anyone too tired or uninterested in continuing on here are given transport back to where they really want to be.

Some are genuinely interested in being part of a new way and ask for help in retraining themselves to think differently. Entire teams of socially interested ‘therapists’ have been setting up ‘deprograming workshops’ and people are signing up from all over the ship.

An image of old cobwebs, as thick as halloween ghost fabric is blowing away in playful winds, or being swept off with enormous brooms. These images run like a backdrop in the dream-scape until we can clearly see the patterns that have been there underneath, all along.

They are like vibrant red, orange and yellow underground root systems, bright white and purple light mycelium nervous systems and veins of gold, quartz of every colour and other minerals that are woven purposefully throughout the planet… which is also all the ships I have realized partway through the dream. Even where trees have been clear cut and the earth cut open, drilled and mined, there is still vibrant life running through the veins and we can see this clearly as the old fabric is cleared away. It’s not as bad as we all thought and in fact seems to be re-energizing with our excitement, which just adds to the hope that is billowing up in our part of the universe.

Our biggest challenge is that we do not trust each other.

There is a fear that a small contingent will try to take over again. A deeply embedded belief that humans are at base evil and that it will soon revert to the old way. An engineered imprint that we cannot trust ourselves or each other is obvious and pervasive.

I realize the biggest obstacle we will face is our imprints of self hatred that have been deeply imbedded through religion, political systems and the experience of many generations, depending on our lineages. I have to trust that the codes and patterns the earth holds will be strong and vibrant enough once we start connecting to them instead of the cobweb fibres, strong enough to hold us in a steady flow of life. I have to trust my fellow humans to reconnect to real life and agree to start working together as a diverse team. I have to trust the earth. She knows what we need to do to be a healthy system of humans on this planet, after all, she has been dealing with us since we first started incarnating here.

Clear the cobwebs of illusion. Reconnect to the real earth.

We have taken over the ship of humanity and now we need to learn how to sustain it and care for it.

Busy time ahead for all of us who want to stay on board.

Ashes to Ashes

It is January 2018 and I am cozied up by the fire during a deep freeze that has parts of my country ‘colder than Mars’, or so they gleefully tell us on the news.

It occurs to me again that being in a physical body is a lot of work. Keeping warm, fed and sheltered, and being entertained while we attend to those daily tasks occupy much of our lives.

I am acutely aware of how I spend my time.

Those of us privileged with moments of rest can read or meditate, we can notice the stars and the frosted trees in the morning light. We can pay attention to the world around us.

If we are afforded beautiful words and ideas bequest by those rare wise souls who have walked among us, we can delight in their poetry, songs and stories, and appreciate that they had the time and support to leave us these offerings.It is a shame how rare time to do nothing is these days.

All of our ancestors, when not held in slavery or trapped in the upheaval of earthquake, fire or war, had the winter months or the rainy seasons to share stories and ideas; time to think and dream, create cuisine, objects of art, song and dance.

This is a luxury so many on the planet no longer seem to have available to them.

I have always felt that the art and music of a society or time period tells us that the basic needs were met for all, and there was ‘time’ to think, learn and create.

Every culture made it’s own art, stories, songs and foods with a diversity of colour and pattern as varied as the landscapes they each thrived within, and I hope history will know of us by the beauty we create and not our destruction.

I was reflecting, by that warm fire, on a quote by a great master teacher and poet that I share a birthday with, a man I would have loved to meet and perhaps will, now that he has gone back through the crack that is in everything.

Master Leonard Cohen once said: 

”Poetry is just the evidence of life.If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.

For days that quote tumbled around my brain polishing the raw edges of ideas and concepts. Leonard Cohen had written some of the most brilliantly beautiful lines of social commentary of all time in my opinion, and his words often send me off into deep contemplation.

I realize I had spent far too much of my life trying to shape meaning from the little piles of ashes around me, trying to make them say something of value, perhaps some legacy or remembering to leave behind when I too, flow back through the crack.

I too often hurry through the fire looking for it to ‘produce’ something worthwhile. 

I notice how easily the ashes blow away, profound thoughts and ‘aha’ moments that are soon forgotten and are meaningless to others. The ash bears little resemblance to the fire that made them.

What is important is that sacred fire of burning consciousness.

“And who by fire, who by water,
Who in the sunshine, who in the night time,
Who by high ordeal, who by common trial,
Who in your merry merry month of may,
Who by very slow decay,
And who shall I say is calling? ”  Leonard Cohen. Who By Fire

We have choice, it is us who do the calling.
Finding the passion, noticing what burns, what parts of life have embers glowing, this is what is important. What causes change, nourishes, what makes an end to suffering, what warms and comforts the soul?

I thought of all the things a fire can bring, curled up in front of it’s winter’s blaze this cold grey morning, and I also thought of it’s destructive nature. When things go wrong and fire is not contained or looked after carefully enough, it can burn you right up. I have seen this happen to many people when they have flown too close to the flame without care.

Fire is the primal alchemist with it’s ability to transform and create. It forges metal and makes glass from sand, sturdy objects from clay, melts gold, transforms food and yet it can with the same power, reduce almost anything to ash.

There are whole species of plants and trees that require hot fire to propagate, forests which rely on fire as part of their life cycles.

Lightning and Lava, the fires of earth and sky, the spark of creativity and passion, the sacred fires of life light our way and shape our world, if we are paying proper attention.

I see all this, and yet, here I am playing in the ashes, putting form to what remains of this morning’s flames.

Whether words or actions, art or music, everything that we do once incarnate is a reflection of what we’re paying attention to. It is all we really have, our attention and time. Where there is fire, there is creation. I want to pay my attention to the fire, but am often distracted by the ashes.

How do I change a lifetime of habit, generations of imprint embedded in my psyche?

”Yes you who must leave everything that you cannot control.
It begins with your family, but soon it comes around to your soul.

I’ve been where you’re hanging, I think I can see where you’re pinned                       When you’re not feeling holy, your loneliness says that you’ve sinned”                                          Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy

The places that we’re pinned; our systemic believe systems, dysfunctional societal patterns, our fear of not fitting in, all the spells we are under that dictate destructive patterns throughout humans being in every culture on this Earth, are holding us in past mistakes.

The layers are deep and a very few humans can find their way to the surface to draw breath. If those who have broken through leave their mark in the ashes, we may find our way. It takes excruciating personal work to emerge consciousness and awareness. One must be willing to heal to break free. One must also be willing to separate to break free.

You were not born bad. You are not, at base, a wicked sinner, and neither am I. 
This is one of the sticky lines of the web, the separation and isolation of ‘self’ from spirit. How can you feel holy if you believe you are judged a sinner by some patriarchal god in the sky? How can you know you are divine if you judge yourself by these bogus standards?

Most of us are descendants of a colonized society; even the settlers who came over to North America to steal and colonized these lands did exactly the same thing to the Peoples here that was done to their ancestors when Rome conquered and laid it’s patriarchal legacy upon the survivors across the sea.

The same patterns of genocide and control of women, food and land came into play wherever these sticky threads of colonialism wormed their way in to once balanced societies. 

 Wave after wave, imperialism with it’s misogyny and ideas of racial superiority imprinted it’s mark with intentional starvation, war and rape. The witches, mystics and shamans, really anyone who connected with spirit and earth, were brutally tortured, exterminated or outcast, a practice that continues everywhere today.

We know DNA is imprinted through trauma, damaged you could say, and that this is passed on through Mother and Father. Generations of descendants from every part of the planet carry guilt, shame and horror deeply imprinted from the hell inflicted on every person enslaved, tortured, disenfranchised or oppressed.
We know now the kinds of illnesses this causes, including addiction and deteriorating mental health, and how this is hereditary.

“Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows that the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died.”  Leonard Cohen. Everybody Knows

Perhaps it is time to start taking apart the webs that have been holding us in destructive patterns and recognize where we are each pinned, according to our ancestral and societal patterning and personal belief systems that so often reinforce these old destructive patterns. We can see evidence of this shift throughout the world as people once silenced begin to cry out.

The Council of Elders, my teachers, once said we would soon enough see ‘the skeletons come out of the closets and dance’ and it sure looks like we are there. Just as cancer and deadly viruses and bacteria thrive because the immune system does not recognize it as a problem, without seeing ‘where we are pinned’ as a society, how can we free ourselves?

We need to recognize that we as humans have entered a perilous state on this planet with imminent destruction on every horizon no matter where we cast our gaze. We did this, ourselves. We need to look at how we got here.

Our kids are suffering anxiety and have the highest suicide rates ever heard of, and many do not believe in a future anymore. Our society is corrupt and there is little faith in good governance or even in education or science. This is what we have created and this is what we must heal.

It is hard to look at ourselves as humans right now. Many I listen to feel that humans do not deserve a chance for life on earth, and all we need to do is watch the news to witness how many groups of people seem to be welcoming a complete Armageddon.

Our culture has built weapons that can blow up the entire planet rendering all species extinct within a day, and there are demented fingers on some powerful buttons right now.

We continue to pollute and pump more oil out of the ground and into the air despite the overwhelming evidence of the earth’s entire scientific community that we have already caused irreparable damages to our delicate weather system with all that carbon, and although we are living in the aftermath already, that has not abated our greed for oil and gas.

We poison our land and water as well as our air. As we breathe, eat and drink the poisons we are dying by the millions of horrid diseases that have never been seen in human populations at this scale, ever.

If this is not a reflection of self-hatred and self-destruction I don’t know what is. We need to change our ways.

“It’s coming from the sorrow in the street
The holy places where the races meet
From the homicidal bitchin’
That goes down in every kitchen
To determine who will serve and who will eat.” Leonard Cohen. Democracy

Even to eat, to keep our bellies full, we wreck such havoc here. Factory farms, methane producers for fast food burger joints, clear cutting, slash and burn and the horrific slavery of animals and humans yoked together to grow the grocery stores of food required by an ever gluttinous population of food hoarders.

As we gorge ourselves obese here in the west, other continents host starving populations of displaced misery, waiting for aid that never comes as they produce their ‘luxury foods’ for exotic tastes. We all know it is out of balance as we watch mountains of food thrown away in every city where people go hungry. We are out of balance.

Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name
Vilified, crucified, in the human frame
A million candles burning for the help that never came
You want it darker
We kill the flame.”  Leonard Cohen. You Want It Darker

I began thinking about the trees and my relationship to them.
There has been plenty of research in the past few decades substantiating the wisdom the Druids and all Earth centred peoples have always known; the forests are alive. They have wisdom and knowledge and vast networks of communication systems. They are a community of beings, amidst communities of beings.

Just google ‘tree communication’ and you will find pages of references to studies and documentaries that have reached the same conclusions; there are greater forces at work here in the forest than main stream society understands.

There is an intelligence, a compassion and caring that is far-seeing and far-reaching. Long term decision-making and rebalancing whenever anything gets out of harmony is evidenced. There is sentience in nature, a profound and aware web of life of which we humans are meant to be part.

”Sleep baby sleep
The day’s on the run
The wind in the trees
Is talking in tongues”  Leonard Cohen. Lullaby’s

I was thinking about fruit and nut trees and how they once lived as part of a diverse society of forest and how they adapted to help humans. Planted along roadways and around villages, they fed generations of people, as well as birds, insects and other animals.

I imagine them honoured, cared for and respected; celebrated at blossom time and revered at harvest time. I imagine how some people had, and some orchard keepers still do, beautiful relationships with these tree beings and how much that has changed in the last couple of generations.

The trees that lived as communities and ecosystems forever on this planet, long, long before humans ever existed, these forests of diverse community with their intricate communications and resolution systems, they are as The Council have told us, the most spiritually evolved of all earth species. They look after the whole planet.

And we, in our arrogance and imprinted belief that we hold dominion over earth, we captured the trees that we liked, the trees that we wanted to grow our food for us, make paper and lumber for us, and we hold them captive, away from their ecosystems, in monotonous rows upon rows. We spray them with toxic chemicals, prune their branches and never let them grow old.

We truck bees that we’ve taken from their wildness, from their magical places up in hollow trees and we truck them place to place to place in prison boxes where we clip the wings of their queens after forcing their creation.

We have interrupted the vast network of life on this planet, because we have forgotten our fire. We have been playing in the ashes, so caught up in our work’a’day world, our illusionary, destructive reality that we have forgotten what is vital and important to life’s very survival. Our deceptive worlds of stock markets and factories and the shopping malls where we spend all that hard-earned money on useless junk for our ever-growing landfill sites, that is what holds our attention.

“Seven to eleven is a huge chunk of life, full of dulling and forgetting. It is fabled that we slowly lose the gift of speech with animals, that birds no longer visit our windowsills to converse. As our eyes grow accustomed to sight they armour themselves against wonder.” Leonard Cohen

We have to change this. We’ve created an unhealthy way of farming that is just adding to the destruction of so many species of beings, all for our massively wasteful feeding frenzy. We mine and drill and pillage the earth, holding whole civilizations in slavery to produce more stuff to put on our shelves. We cannot keep up with it on this fragile planet. 

There are just too many of us alive to be able to live in harmony as part of such an intricate and delicate ecosystem.

I worry about that, as I have four children and grandchildren too and I, like all grandparents, want nothing but the best for their futures. Yet at the same time, I am painfully aware that our very existence in such numbers is destroying a healthy future for them.

It’s such a hard reality to look at and I try to come up with solutions, like the one child policy in China, volunteer sterilization, each country making a goal of population reduction for coming generations until we are back in balance. 
I imagine how each culture and country could begin planning for a smaller future, to scale down this explosive and unsustainable growth.

I imagine if all the societal pressures for procreation are nullified and we are educated to look at our impulses, we would find that not everyone even wants to be a parent. I am betting if only those that really, really want to do this, not for economic or social gain, but because that is their calling, our population would stabilize within a few generations.

I am loving the minimalist and de-cluttering movement I see in the younger generations, the tiny house communities and cooperative living arrangements. I am heartened by the many, many young people who are choosing to be aunts, uncles and foster parents rather than procreate. They give me glimmers of hope.

”Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name
Vilified, crucified, in the human frame
A million candles burning for the help that never came
You want it darker
We kill the flame”  Leonard Cohen. You Want it Darker

Then I think about the cultures that forbid women to have the right to decide procreation and wonder what kind of idiotic ideals we are holding to and in USA returning back to? Fundamentalist religions encouraging their followers to have as many children as possible, as young as possible in an effort to control the resources with their ‘chosen’ lineage seems like insanity in the context of our planet’s ecosystem.

I think about how cynics call for war and disease to take out the ‘excess lives’ and am grossly aware that it is the poor and displaced they are thinking of ‘taking out’. I also know this has gone on throughout human history, the killing off of the excess population. If the unwanted could not be shipped somewhere to colonize or be used as soldiers or workers, they were starved or killed with disease, the few survivors left to addiction and poverty with nowhere to go. 

It feels hopeless, like trying to stop war, trying to change our ways. 
Any solution seems too little, too late, as far as human society goes.

“O troubled dust concealing
An undivided love
The Heart beneath is teaching
To the broken Heart above.” Leonard Cohen. Come Healing

Then I think about the earth and the forests of the earth.

When there’s too many squirrels, forests do what they need to do to slow down the population by collectively stopping the production of cones for however long it takes to bring populations down. Then en mass they produce a bumper crop, dropping seeds unmolested on the waiting forest floor. When there are too many grazing animals the grasslands turn bitter and biting flies drive the herds along. The earth knows when things are unbalanced.

Each season prepares for the season to follow, each creature, plant, mineral finds it’s place in balance with everything else. It is a divine dance, beautifully choreographed that has maintained the checks and balances of life on earth forever. There is an intelligent system of life on this planet and I am sure it is very aware of we humans and how ignorant and clumsy we are.

“Now, Suzanne takes your hand and she leads you to the river
She’s wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters
And the sun pours down like honey on our lady of the harbour
And she shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers
There are heroes in the seaweed, there are children in the morning
They are leaning out for love and they will lean that way forever
While Suzanne holds her mirror”. Leonard Cohen. Suzanne.

I realize I don’t have to make these decisions, anything I can think of has already been implemented. I don’t have to know the answers, the earth knows what it’s doing and I can trust the ecosystem of this planet to do whatever it needs to do in the bringing of balance. All I have to do is be here and aware and live the best I can as part of an elegant and intricate system of life called Earth.

I can bear witness. I can feed the good fires.
I can do my best to live my life as well as I can.
It’s all I can do.
It is all any one of us can do.

“The kind of work I like is the evidence of life lived, rather than some kind of abstracted conclusion of how things might be. I see a song as the ashes of existence, and if there is a light there, and you can warm yourself by it. It isn’t an intellectual construction — it’s more like a footprint that you can stick your own foot in. Or a spike on which you can impale yourself.”  Leonard Cohen

I hope you can make some sense, find some warmth, a spark, or an alchemy of thought in this little pile of ashes from my morning fire.


Divided River

I see humanity separating into two distinct streams.

One stream is moving away from racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia. It is heading towards healing the wounds of history and is opening to embrace an inclusive way forward. There is a lot of work ahead; everyone knows that and people are inspired to do their part.

It is a stream of logic, science, facts and magic. The arts of negotiation, diplomacy and respect ride the gentle waves onward.

Tough decisions need to be made as a new direction gains momentum. Fossil fuels to be eliminated, the elderly and sick cared for and a pandemic to heal.
There are children to be supported and educated on every continent, not just a few.

There is a lot of work for everyone, and patience is needed, but we know the work is done on behalf of generations yet to come. Minds, hearts and hands are cultivated for the gifts they offer the future as the waters flow towards a better world.

The other stream is doubling down. It wants to hold the hierarchy in place and squeeze the last drop of oil from land and sea. Gripping tightly to the belief that man, their definition of man, was given dominion over all lands and animals, it takes what it wants, gouging the banks as it rages along.

Clinging to their turn at the top of the pyramid, it sucks in around them those who were promised their chance one day. Slashing human rights, building bombs, screaming for more guns, it claws about aimlessly, grabbing every last resource as it thrashes forward, fouled waters in its wake.

Clenching the right to success through slavery, addiction, corruption and war, no matter the collateral damage, the polluted stream plunders recklessly onward.

Might is right, and the weak are culled as the unchecked pride and god-given privilege hurl headlessly towards the chasm of extinction.

Krow Fischer, January 13 2021

Where do we go from here?

I have been thinking about inclusiveness.
While fully recognizing we have a long way to go just being inclusive of other humans, I am looking at how so many in this dominant culture are not inclusive of any other realms. They do not even acknowledge any existence other than their own, or what they see as their own.

I witness these societies decaying into fascism, still using the old Draconian system of hate, propaganda & fear to maintain control. They see armageddon as the only way forward and are doing all they can to push us into it.
They hold ceremonies and rallies and chant about bringing this total destruction into being, for their glory, or their religious beliefs.
They make trillions of dollars selling arms, war machines, and the contracts to rebuild after their weapons destroy cities and villages; some thousands of years old! The industry of war keeps industries in quite a few nations thriving. Canadian pension plans have arms investments, and we supply Saudi Arabia with war machines used to invade and intimidate.
Most of you have war investment… if you have RSPs or other retirement savings plans and investment portfolios and are not careful. We are funding the Draconian war machine and the oil that fuels it.
There is no thought of responsibility to the future, no understanding of our place in time, our reason to be, no affiliation to anything other than greed and power. It is a society lost to all connections with anything other than money.
There are other societies where some have preserved relationships with the little people, ancestors, and star beings, relationships that hold roadmaps to our future. It is different than the armageddon plan. It is inclusive, creative, and life-affirming.
We all feel it in our hearts, it has no language other than love, but that is enough for many of us. We feel it and know its truth.
I believe the greatest threat to the planet, and this experiment of being human is the isolation we feel through a lack of connection to any other realms. This has caused such fear and hopelessness and allowed many humans to be lost.
The religious control that forbids personal connection with spirit and earth negatively affects those under its spell, keeping them from daring to ask for themselves, or even believe in themselves.
Many souls struggling to release from the sticky webs of lifetimes of indoctrination declare there is nothing other than what they believe they see, and all experiences they have not had are nonsense. It is an arrogant position for sure, but one I expect is in reaction to pushing away from dominant religions that have historically held millions entrapped.
I agree we must measure our imaginings against reality; we just need to be clear on what reality is, and how it comes to be.
Few of us are truly free to interact with creation in all it’s manifest and un-manifest glory, but those few are strong and determined to protect this earth and her dream for us all.
I have personally met wisdom keepers from many traditions that have never lost their connections and still see hope and a way forward.
I think of one of the more progressive nations on earth, Iceland, and how their little people (elves, fairies, gnomes, etcetera) are protected by law.

I believe those realms of fairy, yeti, little people, ancestors, star beings, devas, will not open to chaos, so we have to heal our relationships as humans first.
We can begin by fully recognizing what we have done, face the lies that have built our societies, and begin to rectify and heal our mistakes. Some of the buzz words for that process these days are ‘reconciliation, and decolonizing.
This is not easy work, but I, like many others, believe it is the only hope for humanity. Truth must come before reconciliation. It cannot come about any other way. We have to dismantle the lies we have told ourselves or have chosen to believe.
If we want to continue as a human race on this planet, we must heal what we have done to one and other and the earth. We must come to terms with ourselves and our histories.
The other realms will continue, but the human domain is in jeopardy, from ourselves.
We are sick, but we also are learning to be healthy. We are examining ourselves and making choices for our future.
It is an autoimmune disorder where parts of the human body have gone out of harmony and are attacking other parts of the body. While the cancer is left unchecked, it is sucking the resources and draining the human body of life and sustenance. This is what fascism is doing to the human race and the energy of the planet itself. We must become an awoken immune system, and stop the drain of resources, cut off the flow of support for dis-ease, and heal the body of this cancer.
We can heal this, we know how, but we have to be brave and willing to take action.
Many of our youth are moving forward, and the adults need to join them and fully support their efforts. Red reminded us in a talk he gave, “That’s always been the role of the elders, to help young ones establish themselves, and I think they’re feeling pretty abandoned right now.”
I think he was warning us what was unfolding. The youth have had enough. We all need to take over the planet for the sake of our youth.
It is their future that is at stake, their lives, as well as the lives of their descendants.
We need to join them in their marches, fund their events, serve in the soup lines, bring blankets, make signs, print out flyers, make cookies, show up, be there wherever they need us to be. And they need us.

We can also reconnect to the earth and our souls. Ask a tree, or a child, to help you do that. They are willing.


chained in rows upon rows
going back how many generations?

Before the colonizers.
No matter who your ancestors may be.

Slave girl, concubine, geisha, squaw, whore, upstairs maid,
secretary pool, domestic worker, undergrad,
actress, fashion model, street kid,
or just from the wrong place or at the wrong time.


A herstory.

In all shades & degrees of conformity.


Obedient. Deferring. Polite.
Know one’s ‘god given’ place
because the conquerers ARE gods.

They hold all the power & privilege better weaponry afforded.

While we practiced harmony, empathy, consensus,
the lifetimes task of learning to be a good human,
a good earth being..

While we learned to farm, to hunt, fish & gather,
to make medicine & connections with the stars,
to heal, to sing, dance, make stories & art…

While we raised babies & wrote poetry
while we cooked & cared for the elderly & the sick
while we made community…

They, made weapons.
& strategies of war.

We were not
prepared for what they had done to themselves.


We could not imagine it possible
to cut out your heart
& still be able to breathe.

We gazed at them in shock
unable to comprehend what we were witnessing,
until it was too late.

They came.
They conquered.
& they raped.


We bore the sons & daughters forced within our bodies
& we loved them as women do.

Our men who died defending us,
replaced with bullies & servile cowards
kowtowing to emperors
grovelling for scraps of recognition…
A desperation grasp for a dignity that is never really rewarded.

Our sons make choices.. manhood or humanity.

Our daughters diminish to survive.

& we encourage them!
We train them from birth.

Conform or die.

We have seen too much death.
We want our children to survive.
It has come to that.


They hunt down dissidents.
Any flare up of the old ones.
Any deviation to the DNA of their perfect plan..

Witch hunters, scalpers, massacres, genocides, holocausts,
shot down in the streets, incarcerated,
residential schools, boarding schools,
antidepressants & addictions,
caste systems & hierarchy,
poverty & pain, war & religion…
set with promises of a world yet to be..
Streets paved with gold
virgins for all
& a smiting of our enemies…

If we are worthy.

& we so want our children to be worthy.

They gave us this one hope.
A fantasy land, a heaven, a new world that never arrives.

Though we wait,
Life… afterlife… after life.


How many generations does it take to break the trauma,
to heal the gap, the crack in humanity?
The great wounding..

How far back do we need to go
up the rivers of ancestors,
until we find peace?


Each river winds its way through layers of oppression,
banked on ancient memory,
twisting & turning through layers of sediment.

Fables, stories, fairy tales, nursery rhymes,
mythologies & superstition..
remnants of the old ways,
fossils in the rocks,
scraps of silk in a rag bag of history,
old dreams as faded as smoke..
remembering a time.. way back when.

We all have our rivers, our stories,
..whether we remember them or not.


The breath of our ancestors,
their words, their songs, their cries of anguish
& peals of laughter are still carried in the wind,
be they gentle breezes
or tornadoes that dance massacre places on the plains
or hurricanes winds that trace the passage of slave ships.
They whisper & shout on the airwaves
though many cannot hear them.

Their fire burns in every atom that once made up their bodies,
a blazing forge deep within the earth.
They are there in the passion that flares in our bellies,
a call to be strong, to fight back..
though many seek to dampen the flame,
anger forbidden & condemned as hysteria.

Their blood still flows in the rivers under the earth,
cascading waterfalls, thundering rainfall,
quiet springs & melting glaciers.
The sweat of nightmares or an honest day’s work
& the tears that come unbidden in the night.

Their bones are of the earth, the fossils in the rocks,
the everyday items that hold their touch,
civilizations buried beneath destruction,
graveyards & bone pits.
Sculls piled in mountains of death,
deserts & ocean beds strewn with discarded & forgotten,
forests grow from the bodies of our dead.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust they are still here.


Deep down. In what remains of our humanity
we know we are children of the creators.

We wonder if our hearts will beat strongly again
or are we destined to continue evolving
into the heartlessness of the conquerers?

As we are herded towards their Armageddon,
their total destruction of all life,
we know we are better than this.
We know we can make a good future.
We know how,
we are just too scared of them to dare.


Krow Fischer (c) Here On Earth 9/18

Oh Alabama, The devil fools with the best laid plan.

lantern1The statistics of the Alabama election of ‘who voted for who’ is very telling and bears some discussion if we are going to heal the evils of our infantile civilizations here in the ‘west’.
It appears that the divisions instilled in us all by the colonial, patriarchal mindset are in the spotlight of our collective psyche, and those who have been, and in many cases still are in denial of these issues are appearing vulnerable and destabilized.

Their backlash, their scramble to align with illusionary reality projections are shocking to those who have been awake to the ills of North American societies.
We are dumbfounded that a man with a track record like Mr. Moore would possibly even consider running for public office.
We are shocked that he believed it did not matter his racist, fundamentalist fringe Christian attitudes, misogynist remarks, and numerous allegations of pedophilia and rape, that he believed he would be acceptable to the Alabama people.
I am surprised at how shocked we are considering who was elected into the top position of power, the golden calf moneylender and grand master of illusion himself Mr. Trump, with the evil lord Bannon right there beside them both.

It was a sigh of relief to much of white society when Alabama did not elect a white supremacist misogynist, because it gave us hope that we are not as bad as we seem!
But have a look at the statistics. (yes in USA they take note of your race when you vote!)
72% of the white male voters thought that this was OK, Moore was their man.
63% of white women also thought it was OK to vote for him, and did.
2% of black women thought he was their man
and 7% of Black men thought he was good to go.

Education played a factor, the less education one had the more likely they voted for Moore, and the younger generation turned out not in favour of such a man.
What these statistics tell me is that the general older white generation is still holding the Draconian principals as their own, holding tight to the colonial, misogynist and racist attitudes that are killing our planet.

This is the demographic that has to heal.
Interestingly I believe we have collectively thought that the First Nations and People Of Colour who have suffered such a brutal history at the hands of the white community were the ones that needed healing, they after all are the peoples still reeling from the continued waves of annihilation they and their ancestors have been subjected to at the hands of white people.
But I have noticed that although for sure there is incredible healing needed in these segregated communities, it is the white communities that really need to heal.
It is within these communities you find the belief systems of having ‘dominion over the earth’, that the natural order of things is a hierarchy, and that order is white men on top with a distinct colour and gender coded social system in place with firmly held boundaries. The corruption of Christianity, the homophobia and the outright misogyny, especially towards non white women has a sickly oder about it.

It is a very disturbing and false reality that is been held by the mainstream white mentality, an idea of ourselves as helpful saviours bringing our superior ways and religions to the dark masses, an erroneous attitude of white supremacy that does not recognize the patterns put in place by the English, Spanish, French and Portuguese invaders that came here to North America.
The multiple acts of genocide committed that destroyed ancient civilizations and killed millions of people, stealing the land and resources and setting up shop for all the unwanted peoples of Europe to inhabit, mine, farm, deforest and destroy are until recently utterly ignored by white mainstream society.
When they could not enslave the original peoples here in North America like they did in South and Central America, (where slavery was already a part of their history), they killed them off and brought in people they stole from Africa and enticed from Asia to work as slaves to their white supremacist ideals, building the infrastructure that has allowed prosperity for so many families, white families.

There has been plenty written about why poor, uneducated white people believe the narrative of men like Moore and Trump.
I do not need to retell the stories psychologists and social science have been presenting.
The broken promise of a chance to be king of the hill, or to rise up beside the new kings, Adam’s rib and all, still holds power in the illusion of democracy that has become our societal norm.
The rich are still in power as it has been in Europe for centuries since the great Roman invasion, and the poor are still held in economic slavery with the false promise of an opportunity to get a leg up, despite the laws and structures of society blocking them in every attempt made.
They do not see this for themselves, so locked in to the dysfunctional system, but follow the pointed finger of the ‘draconian powers that are’ and blame whichever group is handy, be it black, First Nations, or non white immigrants.

Ohh I can feel the #notallwhitepeople already gearing up, yes it is uncomfortable to look at this pattern we live by, but we must.
This has to heal if we are to survive as a human race on this planet.
As a white woman I have been asked to look at the patterns of belief I have inherited and continued within my own life and it has been very uncomfortable, but so liberating to take them apart and release them from my very being.
I know I wanted to squirm away from the guilt and discomfort looking at my white ancestors and myself and it is very awkward noticing it among my white friends and family.
I have upset some people, speaking up when I hear unconscious racism and misogyny or witness the imprinted attitudes as they come across in social discourse, even though I am being as gentle as I can.
I have learned that there is a very strong foundation for calling us ‘snowflakes’. The ‘I don’t want to look at it, I don’t want to know, it is too painful for me’ attitude is intense!
Love and light, unicorns and rainbows, is a decidedly white privilege attitude.

So far in raising issues in social media for discussion I have been insulted, told to take a valium, contain my rage, called a bully, told I was baiting people, was not behaving as a ‘proper spiritual leader’ and ‘unfriended’ blocked and publicly shamed, one going as far as posting on his timeline that he will not associate with me, because I have made a commitment to address the white community of which I am a part.
Sadder still, most of my social media community consider themselves spiritually evolved!These were a very small minority of responders to my posts, maybe 5% in all, mostly male and all of them white, yet they took up quite a bit of space on my time line and in my attention.
I have decided to handle this small percentage differently in the future, after all, they have plenty of resources to educate themselves with if they choose. I want to talk to those who want to heal this, not keep it in place.
The 95% who were able to have an adult conversation without insulting me gave me hope for our community to evolve.
So many people private messaged me after some of these discourses on Cultural Appropriation, Male Backlash to #metoo, Speaking up and Speaking out, Setting Boundaries against fundamentalist religion, that I realized how afraid many are to publicly share their stance against that Draconian backlash.

The historic witch hunts and deadly misogynist imprints from European culture, the horrendous brutality of colonization, and the statistics of how many women of all races and socio economic backgrounds are murdered, along with the killing and incarceration of huge numbers of POC and First Nations identified peoples create a real threat to speaking up, so heavily imprinted with terror are we.
I have the privilege this lifetime of no longer being afraid to speak out because of having the incredible opportunity of healing much of those imprints within myself, so I will continue to speak up and speak out, and I will use my magic power of delete for any insulting, racist or misogynist comments from now on.

The majority of white voters in Alabama have let us know, we have to tackle this in white communities if we are ever going to be free.
Speak up. Stand up. Add your voice to the collective consciousness so we can heal it. Please, for life’s sake.

Statistics from the Washington Post.
Title from Neil Young ‘Alabama’


I saw two ships..



As many know, I have been working with The Council of Elders for almost three decades now, so my education has been pretty intense.
How life works, how the universe began, the development of the human psyche and societal and ancestral imprinting has been a force of change and intense personal study in my life.

The Council have talked about the changes we are in right now as an earth society as the end of one world and the beginning of another one is being experienced.
This is spoken about in the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Mayan, Canadian and American First Nations, well pretty much every prophesy and belief system that has developed within the diversity of human expression talk about these intense times.

The way the Council explains it is that our solar system has been spiralling through the dark matter in space, and that the dark matter is imprinted with potential.
It is imprinted by the waves of charged light from stars, planets and the experiences of all sentient beings that affect our behaviours and patterns of expression on earth.
The waves of experience in all cultural expressions here seem to be cyclical in nature to the point that changes can be ‘prophesized’.
If you study the cycles in human history, you can see the patterns our solar system passes through, is an interesting view the Council presents.

An analogy that ‘Red’, the being from The Council that I work with the most, has presented is a good one to work with.

The analogy is of two ships, one is sinking before the other ship is built.
I took the liberty of imagining this analogy and some of what that would look like.

One ship has layers, workers at the bottom, shovelling coal in filthy hot conditions in the bowels of the ship.
Above them are cooks, cleaners, the behind the scenes people who provide the nice environment for the others above.
The next level houses the servants who carry the serving dishes, pour the drinks, look after the children, the customer service people and administrative clerks.
Then, next layer up are the musicians, entertainers including sports celebrities, captains, lieutenants, stewards, doctors and high level administrators.

All these layers of people work to create and maintain the fine ballroom on the utmost deck where everyone who is anyone is walking around dressed to the nines waving champagne glasses and talking about sports and celebrities, showing off their acquisitions and financial portfolio’s.
Serious business and frivolous waste dance hand in hand, held in place by all the hard work and resources of the workers below and by another layer that is intrinsic in keeping this order.

There is another layer, intertwined throughout the ship that a high percentage of the resources and personal are dedicated to; weapons and security.
If any other boats are in the way or appear to be a threat they can easily be eliminated by the superior weapons systems this boat has on board.
There are guards and special operatives on every level, working along side, often incognito, to listen for any signs of uprising or awakening.
There are whole floors dedicated to war games and strategies to protect the ship and keep everyone in unity.
Religion, sports, communications systems and entertainment are all put into use by this layer and those that run it are allowed to mingle on the upper decks.
Sometimes they have taken over the upper decks and replaced one family with another, but this gets forgotten and is not spoken about much.
No one is sure who is in charge at times but they all feel much safer with them there, as they hear about and see what can happen with so many enemies jealous of their boat!

Very few notice the ship isn’t going anywhere, just circling around and is rotting and rusting away at an alarming rate.
Few think about how much of their lives are spent working and how their precious time off is spent on the ‘entertainment lounges’ that take up so much of their pay.
Few notice how many line up at the dispensary windows to get their daily pharmaceuticals that allow them to keep functioning properly.
They are so glad to be on a ship that floats, that feeds them and gives them a place to sleep that they willingly turn a blind eye on anything that belies this notion of freedom and happiness.
After all, it is a privilege to have things like food, shelter, entertainment and companionship and even education and healthcare!
Education had taught them of the terrible lives their ancestors had and those who were not lucky enough to be working on that ship were experiencing.
They believed in counting their blessings and looking at the positive side of the situation.
They tell you about how much better this ship is than any other ship in history and are very proud of it!

The people on every level find they are working longer hours for smaller portions of space and food, and are looking for ways to get in to the levels above them where there is always a little more leg room, better food and entertainment.
They believe if they work hard enough, are smart enough, believe enough, or do enough favours they will get those positions one day.
So exhausted are they at the end of each day that they numb themselves with the rum rations handed out by the stewards and fall asleep, ‘let tomorrow worry about tomorrow, I made it through today’ they think.
The workers have been promised that if they work hard and behave, they will get a chance to dance on the deck one day too, or their descendants will, or in their next life they will.
All eyes are on the dance floor, mesmerized with dreams of ‘someday that will be me’.

Meanwhile, huge masses of oily mess and garbage are pooled around the ship that no one wants to notice and the waters are filled with the toxic trash spewing out behind them.
Fish and birds are dying by the millions in the wake and the fishermen, who are not allowed to come aboard but live their lives in tiny wooden boats, are unable to supply the kitchens from the wild anymore.
They have huge tanks of fish with crates of birds stacked atop of the tanks on board now.
The birds are fed and the fish eat their excrement that drops into the tanks and this is what feeds the workers.
The few wild caught are saved for the upper deck, but the fishermen have to go further and further away from the ship to find any life worth eating.
The belly ship workers are sent out in little boats to clean up the excess garbage and barge it away out of sight if it becomes too big and starts clogging up the engines or impeding maneuverability.

Farmers, who supply the ship from the denuded islands around, trade their foodstuffs for the chemicals they have been told they need to purchase, to grow the kinds of food the ship requires.
They pay the ship for the right to farm the islands and this allows them to live there.
Security forces go to the islands to make sure the farmers are doing what they are suppose to and to check for anything else of value to be found there.
If they find anything like metal, shiny gems or oil, the farmers are put on rafts and sent to other islands to exploit.
If anyone lives on those islands the security quickly removes them and no one asks ‘where to?’.

Massive resources from all the islands are poured into the rotting infrastructure, with upgrades implemented and new drywall plastered over old cracks, but it is undeniably sinking.

Loud music is pumped through the ship interspersed with entertainers telling everyone how good they have it and all the terrible threats they are being protected from, and whenever the ship hits something big, huge fireworks go up that draws everyone’s attention away.
The bilge pumps are not keeping up and some of the workers are noticing that the water is rising; especially the ones forced to live in the holds.
They are all told this is normal and is under control and to go back to work and not alarm anyone.
Some of the mid level workers are very tired, unable to keep up with the demands made of them and are noticing the stench of the garbage and decline of happiness.
Some are questioning whether this ship is good to be on or not.
They are all trying to make do with the decaying system, with the upper servants hiding the problems from the lower servants while not interrupting the party on the upper decks.
If they go to the upper deck to seek help to rectify these issues they are told by security that it is their job to fix them using the resources already allocated.

Some aboard are aware of the concerns but believe that if they can work their way to the upper decks they will be able to change the conditions by becoming part of the elite or part of the administrative staff, in service to humanity.
They do not expect that they will just be swallowed into the status quo if they ever do get there, as after all, that is how that ship is rigged.

Because they truly believe this is the only ship floating, the workers noticing what is going on are running around the old hulk ringing the fire alarms, trying to make people aware of what is happening there, putting out fires, patching holes, painting over the rust, pointing out the garbage spewing out, exposing the horrid conditions for so many workers trapped in the belly of the ship, but all their crying out that the sky is falling is landing on deaf ears.

Many others are aware, but do not want the party to end until they have had their time on the dance floor.

Some workers are leaving the ship of their own free will, seeing what is going on and not wanting to be part of it anymore.
Those who cannot keep quiet about the problems are often forced to leave, branded ‘trouble makers’ by the other workers and ignored or thought of as minor annoyances by the upper deck.
A small few on the upper deck are noticing the sinking and are getting their private helicopters ready to take them away to uninhabited Islands they have under construction, while they deny the problems and distract the workers with loud music and drama; after all there is only room for so many in the life rafts.

There is another ship though.

It is being built by those who have noticed the sinking ship from afar and those who have abandoned it.
It is not ready to float on it’s own yet and no one is sure what it will look like, but all hands are on deck.

Some carry blueprints for solar or wave power and some have really interesting ideas about energy harnessing that they are eager to try out.
Some have concepts and experience with sustainable food production and creating healthy sustenance for all.
Some are focused on social well being and some are interested in creating health care systems for all on board.
There is an interest in the next generation and how to create healthy environments that nurture decent human beings.
There is communication and respect with the waters that hold it and the sun that powers it and all the creatures that share the space with this new ship, with a carefulness and dedication to respect for all life.
Ideas are played with and morality is questioned and examined in the context of ecology and healthy ecosystems that include a new humanity.
Social ‘norms’ are being examined and implemented or discarded by how they measure up in actuality.

Many are very aware of the problems of the old ship and want to make sure the new one does not carry any of those patterns, so it is a slow process.
The basic blueprints have been around for many generations and have been adapted for use by other ships in the past.
There is an acknowledgement by these new builders of all the ships and barges and rafts that have been intentionally sunk or accidentally rammed by the old hulk, and a willingness to incorporate spaces for all those ideas and ways of being that allow much more diversity on this emerging ship.
There is a commitment to compassion and the good traits of humanity and a willingness to heal the old wounds so that all feel included.
There is an intrinsic respect for the island keepers and those who live on and in the great waters, a desire to free them from the bondage of the old ship.

There is no hierarchy, no levels of existence; everyone shares ideas as to how it can function and are interested in experimenting with possibilities that have worked in past human history and some concepts that have not yet been tried.
There is an eagerness and excitement that encourages innovation and creativity and a dedication to a healthy future for all that has not been seen on the old ship for thousands of years.

As more people arrive the new ship has begun to take form, but it is not built yet and is not ready to float humanity forward.

Maybe that is because we have not figured it all out and want to make sure the ship is seaworthy and comfortable for all who seek passage.
Maybe it is because we are too focused on keeping the old hulk afloat, not ready to acknowledge that it is not sustainable and never has been.
Like the Titanic, maybe we believed that ship was unsinkable so do not pay attention to the icebergs right in front of us.
Many still harbour a latent idea that they will miss their turn on the high deck after lifetimes of climbing that ladder and are keeping half their attention on the old ship in case it revives.
Mostly, I think, it has not been built yet because we are not sure we can do it, so dependant have we become on the one ship that has claimed to be the only ship in the sea.
So indoctrinated are we in our ‘rightful place’ in the order of things, we have not yet realized it is a false order, an illusion.
We have been taught that all the resources are on that old ship and that we have no choice but to participate in it, so it is scary to leave it and work on the new one.
Many have jobs on the old ship they are too afraid to abandon as the new ship cannot yet support them, but for whatever reasons, there are still way more people keeping the old ship going than there are in building the new one.

How do we transition to the new ship in safety?

I am not sure that we can.

It takes a leap of faith to jump ship and swim and some do not make it.
I think of the Egyptian, Sunni Syrian, Sudanese and Tunisian people who dared a revolution, who were just thrown overboard; the survivors still swimming to whatever lifeboat will take them in.
I think of all the First Nations and Indigenous peoples who are struggling to keep their boats afloat in the streams of garbage and erratic manoeuvres of the bulky warship that has invaded their waters.
I think of all the peoples in Asia and Africa who were involuntarily removed from their sustainable rafts and forced to work in the holds of that hulking mass of rotting metal and know that the terror inflicted is deep; and terror keeps us all in place.

There have been harsh penalties for those who defy the order of the old ship, who stand up to those that believe themselves ‘masters’ and those who serve them.
Our human history and present day news is filled with examples of what happens to anyone who rocks that old boat.
It is really hard to trust that anything good can be accomplished as we have lost faith in humanity, so stifled, dependant and imprisoned on the old rotting hulk have we become.
We believe that this is the way humans are, have been and always will be, as we only remember the stories and experiences from that one ship.
We rarely have a chance to hear stories from other ways of floating and when we do, we are not sure we believe them or think it possible anymore, so indoctrinated in the illusion of the old hulk are we.

How does it happen, how do we shift?

I believe the work is done inside us first.
We need to examine the beliefs and benefits we think we have on the old ship, what erroneous convictions and fears hook us into that system of slavery.
We need to see the illusion for what it is, examine the systems that keeps such illusions afloat and dismantle them around us.
We need to get back in touch with the oceans that truly carry us and the resources that are available that are in harmony with that cosmic ocean.
Once we have dismantle the blueprints that keep us on the old ship, we are ready to start building enough space to sustain us on the new ship.

Many entrepreneurs, innovators, philosophers, poets, mystics, scientists, healers, farmers and crafts people have already left the old ship and are building a new way forward, quietly and patiently.
There are entire cultures who have never fully got on board the old ship, so rightfully distrustful are they, and these ones have a lot of knowledge and leadership they can provide the new ship.
There is a lot going on all over the world and if you pay attention, you can see past the uprisings on the old ship as the oppressed fight for freedom and the oppressors clamp down on their imagined privileged positions, to the places where the new ship is being constructed.

Find your fellow builders, get involved, make space for and support those who are trying to leave the old ship.
Support their businesses and ideas, let those who are thrown overboard have space in your life raft, put your faith, time and resources into the new ship and let the old hulk sink.

There are those who will choose to go down with the old ship and we must remember, it is their choice to do so and respect that choice.

It is not an easy road ahead no matter which ship you choose to put yourself aboard, but we each have a choice to make at this precarious time in human history.

I hope there are enough of us who choose to build the new ship.
All aboard.
All hands on deck.
I hear the call.

A Close Encounter.

IMG_0528I was in a discussion last night when it felt like I was suddenly split into two places.
One was my own living room sitting beside the fire talking to my life mate. In the other I was talking to 5 beings who looked like something out of Star Trek.

They presented as tall slender humaniodish beings, I could not tell their gender. They had long foreheads and flat blueish white faces, dark slanted eyes, no whites in the eye, thin noses, some longer than others, and wide mouths; faces in a similar formation as humans. They were wearing maroon robes and three were kind of lounging on high backed chairs made out of a soft, yet metallic material I did not recognize.
They had long slender legs and thick slippered (?) feet stretched out in a relaxed way, long arms bent at elbows (like us),  one had it’s head resting on the palm of a long, long fingered hand. Each finger seemed to have a fourth section, unlike the three we have as humans.  Two of the beings were standing behind the three sitting and I had a sense of a library behind them.
Some of the objects on the shelves looked like earth books, but some were like contained vials of a bluish mist that shifted colours. The two standing were moving things on the shelves.
I had the sense of them being maybe 8-9 feet tall and thoughtful, very much at ease and straight forward. Reminded me of some self identified ‘Asperger’ people I have met in a way. I got the impression that some of the human DNA patterns we carry come from their race.

You know how these dream like events happen, those of you who experience them; like a flash, but so much information is in the flash, it takes a while to ‘download’ it all into comprehension.
I am still unpacking it, which is what this blog affords me.

I started this blog ‘Letters from Earth’ because I wanted an exchange with ideas not influenced by what I perceive of as massive brainwashing on earth. I wanted access to fresh concepts and understandings not warped by ancestral trauma and fear imprinting. I suppose this is how it is evolving.

The conversation I was in was about children and dysfunctional parents.

My man is a children’s advocate and we had recently watched, (and I had recently read) ‘The Glass Castle’ , an autobiography by Jeannette Walls. It is a story about a woman raised by her obviously bipolar, alcoholic father who had serious scarring from his childhood and a distracted, self absorbed mother with narcissistic personality disorders of her own. It reminded me of my own childhood in many ways, a childhood that took me twenty years of intense work to recover from, and of course, reminded him of so much he deals with in his job!

We were talking about how so many people we know are stuck at 9 or 10 years old, or stuck in their teens, never growing up no matter how many years they live. How many people are so shallow and undeveloped they cannot see beyond their own problems.
‘And they have kids and have no idea how to parent, so the kids have to become parents, or be destroyed.’

We acknowledged that we live in a society that does not support families, a society that isolates households and does not acknowledge the unpaid work of raising the next generation. Kids are raised in institutional settings of daycare and school, public shaming and violence, sugar and plastic toys are used to coerce acceptable behaviour. Diet is atrocious and positive role models are cartoon characters.

Parents are not equipped to deal with their own exhaustion and unresolved issues, are uneducated in human evolution and development and are barely keeping their own consciousness above water. How are they expected to guide the next generation into awareness when they have not even begun to think of that for themselves?

It was feeling like a never ending downward spiral of dysfunction passed on to each generation with further deterioration of the healthy human imprint. We weren’t even sure what a healthy human would look like anymore, so imprinted with misinformation, false histories and trauma as we collectively are.

Should we be taking the kids away from these dysfunctional families, give them a chance elsewhere and who decides?
Whose mores do we follow as ‘standard’?
We have agencies in many countries meant to protect children, but there are so many problems with these systems it is hard to get it right. There is a history of taking children from good families with problems and landing them in horrific circumstances where they are abused in worse ways. Attitudes of one culture imposed on other cultures with the threat of losing your children if opposed, has a long history in many parts of humanity.
How do we deal with this complex problem before we raise yet another generation of dysfunctional, depressed humans?

That is when the split happened and I was both places at once.

One of the seated beings was the first to get my attention.  ‘Where we come from we do not allow anyone to create children without incarnating into our society at least 90 times.’

Well that’s a good idea I thought. I can think of many people who should not have been parents, including my own!

Then the seated one to the left added,
‘Of course we had those who revolted against this decree. They believed it should be determined on a case by case basis and were afraid of someone getting on the committee who would take control of which genetics would be carried forward in our race. Some believed we could be creating a caste system of rights and privilege if we allowed this decree and some felt the newer ones had things to offer our societies that would be lost. Not everyone was on board with this agenda, but we adopted it as the elders of the planet unanimously agreed, and their votes counted for more.’

All of this was a millisecond in my living room time, and with their words came whole movies of their planet and history and even personal flashes of the two who were talking. I got a historical impression of them very young, and wondered if they lived thousands of years, or had sequential incarnations, and in the past were part the voting process on this decree.

I got the impression the one on the left had voted against it but had come to see the wisdom of it in time, or had just accepted that the prevailing wisdom decreed it and was willing to give it a try.

There was so much information in that exchange and as I shared what I was seeing with my mate, he asked questions. I always forget to ask questions when these spontaneous events happen.
‘Where are you from’ was barely thought formed in my head when one of the standing ones turned towards me and said,’ Andromeda. We’ve been working with humans since the beginning of your evolution, and you need our support now.’

My first reaction was an understanding that they had a lot more experience and wisdom than we had, and this idea has merit!

In my living room world we talked about how we would implement a system on earth where you had to be mature enough to qualify for being a parent. Would there be a test you had to take? And how would you enforce such a decree?

It wasn’t long before we saw the drawbacks to such an idea. My partner spoke about the amazing people who had been raised in horrible circumstances and how they evolved who they are because of those very harsh circumstances. How free will and choice that we value so much on our planet would be over ridden by such a decree, and how it felt like just more rules and regulations eroding the wildness and randomness earth offers, was contemplated.

I realized the second being had relayed all of these thoughts and arguments to me already and I had the feeling that these kinds of discussions must have gone on in their world thousands of years ago. I had the sense that they chose to follow the logic, yet I had a gut feeling this was not right for us here. We had a different evolutionary path than they did, and something did not feel quite right about that path to us.

I had the sense that they knew that too and were waiting to see what humanity would choose to do about the crisis our kids were in. I suddenly knew they were not the only ones, (kinds?) hovering around waiting to see what we as a human race were going to choose at this important evolutionary opportunity. It felt like a conference call where there were others waiting on the line.
Some I felt I could open to seeing and some I was either too scared or not ready to open to. One lumpy grey blue slug looking ‘creature vision’, I turned away from and put my hand up, ’No, sorry. I don’t feel safe opening to you yet’. I don’t know if it was my own prejudice, fear or if there was something not right there, but I am learning to let my instincts have their say. I felt I relayed all this to that being and it was accepted and understood.

Of course, like dreams, the more I look into the flash picture, the more I unpack from it.

For instance, when I was getting all the history information along with the dialogue I realized that is what the cigar shaped vial-like containers on the shelf were, information with historical background included… like a replica of a quantum field on various topics of thought. Fascinating technology that made me realize that concept and thought were what was important to these ones, cerebral beings with a highly developed intellect.
So many in our North American society hold intellect as the most important evolution and I wondered if that was from their influence.
My partner wondered, ‘Are we an experiment? Are we just lab rats to these observers?’

I saw two of them shake their heads like we would signal ’no’.
‘Not like that, yes we are observing, but remember you are also us. We are all expressions of this universe and all of you incarnate there on earth are the ones experimenting with earth life, not us. You are deciding how human evolution will develop and what patterns you accept or reject. We are here to offer our experience. You are all from the stars as are we. We were part of the initial DNA download that began the development of an earth creature that could sustain soul incarnation. So yes we are your ancestors as are many others who also downloaded DNA sequences. On earth, you represent many star nations, each with their own experiences and knowledge to add to the developing societies on earth. Where we come from we have all evolved from the same stock, unlike earth where you have more variety in physical expression. You have a diverse planet, and diversity is earth’s strength.

I thought about what we had learned through Council teachings about how the Draconian influence had imprinted on societal DNA, turning off our ‘remembering’ and our ability to connect to our own souls, basically turning earth into a slave ship in service to a few family systems. I thought of how this energy seeks conformity, paving over the fecundity of earth, assimilating and destroying diversity in it’s destruction.

The one holding the blue vial nodded, earth custom like. ‘Yes, that is what happened and you are all waking up from that hallucination. Those ones have left this universe as it can no longer support them, just as earth can no longer support their offspring.’

I had the sense that many different types of beings were around earth offering influence from their worlds, kind of like creating quantum fields of knowledge and experience humanity could draw from as we redesign our world from the Draconian influence. I felt only a few of them were listening in on this ‘conference call’. I hoped they were right that that influence is dissipating here.  I still see that Draconian influence displayed in the form of patriarchy and colonialism, corporate empires, dictatorships and economic slavery and would love to see that gone in this lifetime.

It felt like an offering was being made from each one of these ’stations’, but it also felt like being at a market where each vendor wants your attention to sell you their ideas!

Later I was so curious about the beings I ‘saw’ that  I wondered if other humans  knew them. I googled Andromeda and found ‘Andromeda, The Seed of Thought’ by Noel Huntley, and knew this was a real vision and that he had met them too.

Here is an excerpt I read there..

“The necessary thought element was thus acquired through codes for human development; hence the human was, in a manner of speaking, mentally hybridized with the Andromedans.

Nevertheless the nature of the human was such that the mental powers did not dominate. And even today the body determines thought to a large degree; the mind is not in charge, as opposed to the Andromedans, whose mental powers are in charge. This was as it should be since the purpose for the human race was to create heart decisions, and the mind is not to be involved as the sole factor in assimilation of knowledge.
This heart/feeling ability would then create a direct link between the spiritual self and the (universe) Creator itself. All knowledge could be acquired through the emotional self.
The individual mind would not be emphasized, though the Creator mind would be present. This relates to the purpose of the Creator to have the human race collectively take over – see chapter on creators and universal entities.

Andromeda scientists continue to study the ecology of planet Earth, collecting data for evaluation and analysis. Human contacts have been made in which advice is given regarding the negative factors that man is introducing into his environment and the full dangers and consequences of this.
They are able to predict the probabilities based on present conditions, then extrapolate the energies into the future.”

This information was so similar to what I was ‘seeing’ I knew the author must have had some connection to them.

Next I looked for images and many of the ones that came up looked enough like who I ‘saw’ that I felt I could trust my observations and gut feelings about this experience.

Reading the excerpt I realized that although there is a lot wrong with how our societies are, we are on the right track in learning to trust our hearts. I could clearly see how the Draconian influence has been dissuading us from trusting our own heart, confusing us with lies, terrorizing us with control until we have handed our free will over to that system.

I see it all over the earth plane and I see the brutality and genocide enacted on those who will not conform and be assimilated.

I am imagining all of us humans, opening to the support and CHOICES offered us, accepting the help to deprogram ourselves and return to the heart centred beings earth has been directing us towards. I believe this is the time humanity is deciding which ones of us wish to become earthlings and learn to work with these amazing bodies and creative earth energies, manifesting new societies that are truly of the earth, and which ones of us are done here, disappointed and just wanting to be free to go home.

I do believe the era of this Draconian control is over, and the last 1% of humanity choosing to hold these lines are leaving. This is their last stab at gaining full control over earth, holding it’s resources for them and their descendants alone. This is why they are so desperate right now to politically institute this control, they know we are waking up and can see them now. I understood the clamp-down of control of humanity we are witnessing these days. The last hurrah… I hope they are right!

The fact that 1% of the earth population control the resources and human populations is a habitual pattern we all feed into and support. A horrific societal blueprint left over from a long dead star system that we have all handed our free will over to. We can change that. We have choice.

We the people of earth have to collectively decide how we are going to develop from here on forward. We have the collective wisdom and histories of thousands of civilizations right here on earth to learn from, and millions more amoung the stars.

If we can return to our hearts and trust the creative earth process with the barometer of love in our hearts, we can thrive here and evolve the dream earth holds for us all.  It is us who decide our futures by the actions we take as a human race of individual and collective expressions.

Kitchen Politics

The late great master Leonard Cohen from Democracy.. “from the homicidal bitchin’ that goes down in every kitchen to determine who will serve and who will eat.

One of my daughters brought a male friend home for dinner a couple of years back. Right after dinner he began clearing the table and setting up the dish pan to wash the supper dishes.

I LOVED him from that moment on and began plotting for him to marry one of my daughters.

Why does that moment affect me so much? Why is that such a huge event in my mind?

I absolutely notice that when I have guests some of the women will put food away, do up dishes, tidy up and ask what they can do to help, but not all women. I would say 8 out of 10 of women guests will automatically assist with domestic tasks and I appreciate them, but not as much as I appreciated that young man! I know that is not fair of me.

I think it’s because I can distinctly recall and identify every man who has been a guest here and helped with dishes or service without being specifically asked to do something.
That number is 2 in 23 years of cooking for people in my home. Two men I can recall simply stepping in and helping out in the way most women automatically do. No wonder I was pleased with this gem of a guy!

This does not count Dave who lives here and did do dishes on rare occasions when he was feeling better and I know that there are men who do the lions share of domestic work in their households but we can all agree this is not the average, not even close.

I also notice that men who do domestic work in their own homes have not matched this when they are guests in mine! They assume the role of being served when they arrive as guests and this does not just happen at my house! I have asked around.

There is a huge discrepancy in gender jobs that go on in every household but we don’t talk about it as a society. We generally accept it as normal and feel uncomfortable pointing it out, even though many women resent the feeling of being a servant and are exhausted after every family holiday.

How many Christmas, feast events or Hanukkah dinners this year ended with the men going from the table to the living room and sitting down while the girls and the women do all the clean up? How many family dinners are cooked by the women world-wide when all are working all day or both genders are home for the holidays?

In so many cultures we raise our sons to believe they are entitled to be served and pampered. We do not expect them to do domestic work, the unpaid work of living. We do not teach them how to look after themselves, but instead we teach them, by repetitive example validated in their friends and neighbours homes and through the media, to expect to be served.

We train our daughters to serve, to cook, clean and cater to men and we train our boys to accept this as their right. We need to stop doing this.

We speak of our sons as more important and worthy than daughters in almost every culture in the corrupt world. In some places we even kill girl children to make room for more boy children!

This is a disservice to both genders as we observe so many young men who do not know how to feed themselves or look after basic household and personal hygiene out in the world without their Mamma’s, just waiting to find a woman who will look after them. They are helpless to meet their daily needs and it is their parents fault! How many elderly men do not know how to look after the basic necessities of life? No wonder they most often die before their spouses!

I have met many women of all ages do not want to be in relationships with men because they see it as having to look after someone and they don’t want the job of an unpaid personal servant! They tell me it is too much work to be in a ‘live-together’ relationship. I also know men who are looking for a woman to look after them as their partners have quit!

We have to address this in our homes for it ever to change. Men have to stop believing they are entitled to service and women have to stop believing they have to accept being a servant.

We can all work together and share what needs to be done in the everyday looking after of life’s needs and the division of household tasks, including bringing in the funds. All this needs to be talked about and defined in each individual household and relationship.

This is something that we can change that will help future generations share life more equality. If we start expecting men to take on the same amount of work and respect as we ask from women the ‘normal’ will change.

Perhaps assign people tasks or pass out dish towels, help people notice that there is work to be done and many hands make it easier! It can be accomplished in playful and creative ways and does not have to carry the charge of resentment if we recognize this is a co-created expectation that we are all responsible for establishing.

As women, we can start taking responsibility for our role in creating this scenario and begin to change our own expectations and responses. We can notice what we expect of our women friends and start expecting that of our male friends too!

Equal work and equal respect is all that is being asked here. We can do this. We can make this shift.

Through the Mists..


How do we navigate
this frozen hell
where time stands still
without mercy?

she reminds me.
The cries of far away children
How do we navigate
this frozen hell
where time stands still
without mercy?

she reminds me.
The cries of far away children
and women in mourning
barrel bombs and cyanide
pipeline placebos
Worlds spin
on the axis of intention

I see her through morning mist
come down from the mountains
be aware
of the strongest visions

fading in and out
with the rising sun
of the direction they are moving
she seeps between vision
and fantasy
watch them
like clouds

That smile
Leonardo captured it perfectly, I muse
If they please you
look towards them
embrace them
and give them your gleeful attention

She turns
and the green pathway becomes
a dusty street
Jerusalem brown
if they sadden you
move your intention away from there

do not feed them your fears
We mothers
we women
we were raised on worry
and fear
Look away from the nightmares
that have not yet come to be

We wear our badges
of victim and protector
do not draw them to you with your mind
We fear our food
our water
our schools
our doctors
our leaders
and our husbands
some of us
Deny them your will
We are afraid for our children
and our grandchildren
your thoughts
We are trained worriers
ready to see the worst
and your power
We look for every threat
so we can kill it before it strikes
Be strong
and sure of yourself

Our icons are women in prayer
Do not give in
to those who reign with terror

chaste and sorrowful
heads bowed in servitude
or promise safety and security
We beg god for his mercy
do not be fooled by false testimony
and the pardon of Eve
do not give to them your attention
for her daring
Be aware that strength and power
are of the earth
and the stars

we worry we are not enough
and are your birthright
We are so conditioned to be fearful
too scared to believe
There are many possible outcomes
many parallels
and dimensions

We have become afraid to hope
as many as there are stars in the sky
afraid to trust
all dancing the patterns of this universe
into being

It is so hard
You can choose
which star to gaze at

to change
she reminds me.

(c) Krow Fischer